Thursday, December 01, 2011

Democratic Presidential Petition-Forging Scandal Investigation Ongoing

The investigation of how the 2008 Indiana presidential campaign of Barack Obama forged enough signatures so that his name could appear on the Indiana presidential primary ballot is still ongoing according to a report in today's South Bend Tribune. St. Joseph County Prosecutor Michael Dvorak is handling the investigation, even though his name was among those of prominent Democrats whose signature was forged on the ballot petitions under review, which also includes ballot petitions submitted on behalf of Hillary Clinton's campaign. The Indiana State Police is conducting the investigation on behalf of Dvorak's office. The story does not indicate when the investigation is expected to be wrapped up. An earlier investigation by the newspaper and Howey Politics determined that without the forged signatures, Obama's name would not have contained a sufficient number of signatures to have appeared on the 2008 primary ballot, which turned out to be a hotly-contested race at a pivotal point in Obama's narrow national nominating victory over Clinton.

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