Monday, December 26, 2011

Misplaced Priorities As Mobs Riot At Malls To Purchase $180 Air Jordans

It pretty much reflects the poor state of affairs in urban America today. This scene at Indianapolis' Lafayette Square mall Friday before Christmas where a mob of shoppers literally tore down the doors and trampled over small children and women in order to purchase the latest Nike Air Jordan Concord basketball shoes illustrates why America is doomed. When you have mobs of people whose kids can probably barely read or write stampeding through the mall's doors after waiting in long lines for hours all night simply to buy a $180 pair of shoes, it's hard to have little hope for the future of this country. It's too bad their children's education isn't as important to them as buying a stupid pair of shoes that most of these people probably can't afford and that won't help any of them get a job. I can honestly say I've never spent anywhere close to $180 for a pair of shoes period, let alone a pair of sneakers. The absolute dumbest statement during this sad episode came from IMPD's public spokesman: “Officers restored order very quickly,” said IMPD spokesperson Kendale Adams. “[They] did a good job in getting the crowd organized, trying to get them in to get the shoes.” Yeah, right. Be proud, Kendale.


Vox Populi said...

I don't know why you pretend this is an "urban" (which is simply code for "black") issue, when people get trampled EVERY YEAR for things less expensive than these ugly-ass shoes.

From tickle-me elmo to furbies to pokemon, people have actually died because of our societies misplaced values. Our economic system and consumer society make things like this inevitable.

Gary R. Welsh said...

You should focus your concern on the way this particular shoe company targets and exploits a particular population with its marketing gimmicks, VP. Inflating the product's retail price by nearly 200% and limiting each edition are by design intended to create this frenzy-like atmosphere among people who are prone to making unwise economic choices with each new release of the product. People actually turn around and try to resell these shoes for up to $500 online.

Concerned Taxpayer said...

"You should focus your concern on the way this particular shoe company targets and exploits a particular population with its marketing gimmicks"
That's exactly why a convicted felon invented Kwanzaa!!!

Need Help said...

Sorry if you cant handle the truth. Call it urban, black what ever you like, the origional post nailed it. Have you seen the interview of some of these idiots ? and people wonder why racism exists. Poor or not, its the parents. I grew up poor as dirt and did OK and respectful and dont blame it on society. Here's a good example. I look at a black child say between 5 or 10. They look at you like they hate you, why ? Must be that good home parenting. I see a lot more black against white discrimination than the other way around. Me, nor my parents owned a plantation nor had any slaves. I dont own you a thing. Get over it, get educated, and act civilized. You dont hear the Jews complaining and look at what happened to them during WW2, and they are doing well. If you dont like the truth, fix your people. End of story.


You can't really blame THEM. They are merely the product of democrat controlled education in Indianapolis.

This is not because of economics. This is due to nothing but GREED.

I wonder if any one of these kids has a conservative as a parent or a conservative as a teacher?

I'd be willing to place a large bet that the answer is no.


By the way, anytime you hear an "urban" person speak about the greed of the 1%, pull out this video.

Indy4u2c said...

Question: Can anyone advise me if a single participant in the events documented in this post had a job, and actually earned the money to buy the $200 shoes????

-It is my belief that the $$$ that participants in this event used to gain these shoes was from a limited few sources: theft, drug sales, welfare.