Friday, December 16, 2011

Blago Can't Sleep Without Drinking, Now You Know

Yesterday, I told you about how convicted former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich asked and was granted permission by federal district court Judge James Zagel to enter a drug rehab program for federal prison inmates that allows them to shave time off their prison sentence. That Blagojevich had a substance abuse problem came as a surprise to many. His attorney didn't even know what it was. The Sun-Times' Michael Sneed finds the answer. It turns out Blago can't sleep without drinking.

Hmmmm. Is former Gov. Rod Blagojevich actually addicted to a substance requiring a prison rehab program?
A top Blago source tells Sneed the answer is “Yes” and the substance is . . . alcohol.
“It’s not drugs,” said the source.
◆ The backshot: “Rod can’t sleep without drinking,” the source said. “So he drinks himself into a condition to do so, and it became an addiction. Considering what he has been through for the past few years, it became a problem. He’s not addicted to sleeping pills or anything like that.”
◆ Fact: Federal Judge James Zagel, the judge who sentenced him to 14 years in jail on corruption charges, has also recommended a prison rehab program.
◆ Fact check: Considering good behavior, Blago would serve 12 of his 14 years; then subtract another year for going through the nine-month rehab program. He’d also serve the last six months of his sentence in a halfway house.
◆ Translation: Blago could be out of prison in 101/2 years.
It looks like Blago followed the advice of the former Ryan administration official official, Scott Fawell, to a tee.

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