Monday, December 19, 2011

Abdul's Sexist Remarks In Star Column Rebuked By Readers

I mentioned last week that I was surprised that the Star's editors allowed Abdul Hakim Shabazz to make the sexist comments he did about Democratic mayoral candidate Melina Kennedy in his monthly column mislabeled, "Forget battle scars, move on." I was more surprised by the lack of Democrats coming to Kennedy's defense. Apparently, at least a couple of the Star's readers have made their displeasure with his column known to the editors. These two letters to the editor appeared in today's newspaper:
I found Abdul-Hakim Shabazz's Dec. 14 column, "Forget battle scars, move on," offensive. He pumped himself up at the expense of Democratic mayoral candidate Melina Kennedy. It is mean-spirited to attack a losing candidate in a personal way after the fact. I don't use the word sexist lightly, but his analogy in referring to Kennedy as "a girl you dated in college who was miserable at the party" was just that. To refer to a professional and serious woman in this way is the definition of a sexist comment. This column was self-serving and arrogant.
Carlie Anderson, Indianapolis

I was offended by Abdul-Hakim Shabazz's Dec. 14 column, "Forget battle scars, move on." Although aware that he tends toward punditry over analysis, I didn't expect Shabazz to resort to demeaning language about individuals and policies he disagrees with. A silly smoking ban? A "girl you dated . . . who was miserable at a party"? Such language is schoolyard name-calling, not well-founded political insight.

The characterization of mayoral candidate Melina Kennedy, who won 47 percent of the vote, as "still in denial about her loss" baffles me. Is there a specific incident to which Shabazz is alluding? It is he who is assailing personality and character five weeks after the election with no apparent motive other than to say, "I told you so," and to twist the knife into the battle scars his screed has reopened.

Natalie Auberry, Indianapolis

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Marycatherine Barton said...

Very good responses from Carlie Anderson and Natalie Auberry to Abdul Shabazz's sophomoric column about Melina Kennedy published in Gannett's Star, which merits four stars for creepiness.