Friday, February 18, 2011

White And Attorney Involved In Courthouse Scuffle

Secretary of State Charlie White, while facing a third day of grand jury proceedings looking into charges leveled by Hamilton County Democrats that he committed voter fraud, got into a scuffle with a Democratic Republican attorney at the courthouse Hamilton Co. judicial center. The Star's Robert Annis provides few details of the incident involving attorney Tim Stoesz other than a sheriff's comment that no criminal charges would be filed:
Hamilton County authorities investigated an altercation involving Indiana Secretary of State Charlie White on Thursday at the courthouse where a grand jury is looking into vote-fraud allegations against him.

A Sheriff's Department spokeswoman said Thursday that no charges would be filed in connection with the incident, which involved White and Westfield attorney Tim Stoesz. Stoesz has clashed with White, the former Hamilton County Republican chairman, over political matters in the past.

A Sheriff's Department report described the incident as a disturbance on the second floor of the Hamilton County Judicial Center and said it was determined that "no criminal activity took place.'' Sheriff's Department spokeswoman Vicki Dunbar said Thursday that no charges would be filed.
The special prosecutor heading up the proceedings previously indicated the grand jury proceedings could last up to two weeks in what would seem to be a rather straightforward and simple case. Advance Indiana has learned that a video of the incident exists and will become public eventually. According to a source, Stoelsz was questioned in an ongong investigation of White by Indiana State Police two months ago. The special prosecutor is apparently looking into matters that extend beyond the voter fraud allegations against him, which may help explain the additional time needed to wrap up his work more quickly, as well as the unavailability of some witnesses. A source says Gov. Mitch Daniels has asked White privately to resign the office but he declined. There's sure to be more on this story in the coming days and weeks.

UPDATE: WRTV has obtained the video of the altercation, which you can view here. You will see in the video that White's father was attempting to prevent Stoesz from taking a picture of Charlie, while Charlie appeals to a deputy from the second floor balcony overlooking the security point entrance to the judicial center to force Stoesz to leave. White's father got up in Stoesz' face with his hand before a deputy arrived and escorted Stoesz away without further incident. White's father demanded Stoesz identify himself, and he did.



interestedparty said...

Do you mean he has been asked PRIVATELY to resign AFTER he was sworn into office and BEFORE the grand jury finishes its work? That means the "higher ups" consider him guilty, or at least unredeemably damaged, but wouldn't do anything about it during the campaign. How"s that for putting politics ahead of the service citizens deserve? How cynical.

And "others did similar things" doesn't hold up as an excuse or justification.

Wilson46201 said...

Charlie's dad should know that any citizen can photograph an elected public official in a public place without having to produce their identification papers to other nosy onlookers. Charlie's dad certainly placed his son in a bad situation (or made it worse).

Downtown Indy said...

Wilson has reminded me of a case where Tony Duncan was grooming the landscape of Julia Carson's home when he threatened to arrest, detained forcibly, and demanded identification of, a private citizen in a public place (the city sidewalk) who was photographing an elected official (Constable Duncan).

Wilson46201 said...

do you have any proof of that allegation? did you call the police? have any credible witnesses?

at this point there's just an anonymous Internet nobody throwing out new stories...

artfuggins said...

That deputy sheriff needs to be fired.

Downtown Indy said...

Ah,the 'anonymous internet nobody' defense. Yes, Yes, and yes.

When: Sat October 20, 2007, 2:30pm.
Where: 2530 N Park Ave.

Whew, this was a tough assignment. After reaching out to several contacts, I even managed to get you the photo that incensed said elected official. The Photo

Look up the CAD. You know how to dig up stuff from dumpster archives so that should be no problem.

Want a witness? ID the guy in the white whitebeater and you got your witness.