Friday, February 11, 2011

Daniels Dazzles And Humors At CPAC

Gov. Mitch Daniels rose to the occasion tonight at perhaps the biggest political speech of his career. I'm referring to his keynote address to the Conservative Political Action 'Committee dinner where he was warmly introduced by Central Illinois native and talented political columnist George Will. He demonstrated a sharp wit, keen intellect and a depth and breadth in a candidate many people in the Republican Party are desperately in search of, if without the tall, charismatic attraction of his favorite politician and former boss, Ronald Reagan. In his typical self-deprecating manner, he said he asked "Who cancelled?" after getting the invitation from the American Conservative Union's David Keene to give the keynote address at CPAC this year. His speech was heavy on economics and absent of any mention of social issues that have proven divisive at times. If Ronald Reagan was known for his call to arms to meet the Red Menace challenge posed by creeping communism, Daniels struck an equally compelling call to arms to fight the New Red Menace--our drowning national debt that threatens to bring our nation to financial ruin. Daniels frighteningly warned America will in a few short years be spending more on interest on its national debt than it currently spends on its nation's defense.

Daniels highlighted what he considers his crowning achievements in Indiana--lower property taxes, fewer regulations, a substantially smaller state government, choice in public education and privatization--specifically the toll road privatization. He advocated a lower, flatter tax system and a moratorium on federal regulations. He suggested implementing self-certification for compliance with current EPA regulations so that businesses could go about creating jobs while settling up later with those businesses that "color outside the lines." His disdain for the EPA was on full display, referring to it as the "Employment Prevention Agency." He noted his long-held opposition to budget earmarks dating to his days as Bush's OMB director, "first to rail, first to fail" he quipped.

Whatever you might think of Daniels, you have to hand it to him. His speaking ability and intellect goes a long way in making up for what he lacks in physical stature and appearance. His audience gave him a rousing standing ovation at the conclusion of his speech. Suffice it to say he achieved the goal he set out to do--get the serious attention he desires of his potential candidacy on the national stage. Sarah Palin's handlers may be ruing their decision to have her pass on the opportunity extended to her to deliver this keynote address.


artfuggins said...

I wonder what he was smoking just before he spoke>

M Theory said...

My property taxes are NOT lower! They are higher since he took office.

That being said, he's been a good governor, but I'm sick of hearing how he doesn't raise taxes.

Gary R. Welsh said...

My property taxes have gone up too. The appeals are taking forever to adjudicate. Most of the property in Marion County is currently overassessed between 20% to 40%. They're afraid of adjusting the values to the actual market value because the city and local governments will all go broke.