Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Daniels Backtracks On Support Of Democrats Walkout

Gov. Mitch Daniels now concedes his supportive remarks of House Democrats' decision this week to walk out on their jobs and flee to the Land of Lincoln in an effort to kill right to work legislation were premature after seeing the full list of demands House Democratic Leader Pat Bauer (D-South Bend) that must be met before his caucus returns to the State House. He now says his words of praise for the move by House Democrats were "careless." Star political columnist Matt Tully tweets this morning:

Gov. Daniels just called. Re: Dem calls to kill other bills, particularly on education: "We're not doing that. Those are my priorities."

Daniels said he was "careless with my words yesterday." When he praised actions by critics he was referring to protesters not House Dems.
Tully notes his own boneheaded mistake in today's column in a another tweet:

I can't believe I referred to Pat Bauer as "Speaker" and not "former Speaker" in today's paper. Sorry. What a bonehead am I.
Easy mistake to make, Matt, given the governor's laudatory comments of his staged walkout yesterday.

Also, House Speaker Brian Bosma warns the House may fine or censure Democratic members who refuse to return to work to conduct business. He also had to threaten to remove union protestors from the House gallery after they booed and otherwise engaged in disruptive behavior during a House session.


M Theory said...

This is more like it.

The public employee union protesters should have no right to demand that the rest of us pay for excessive pensions, benefits, salaries at a time when many taxpayers cannot provide retirements or benefits for themselves.

Also it is ludicrous that public employees are forced to have union dues deducted from their taxpayer funded paychecks only to have union dues monies eventually end up in democratic campaign coffers, or worse paying for out-of-town lodging for the adolescent democrat cry baby legislators running from the responsibilities they were elected to perform on behalf of the people.

As a taxpayer, I patently do not accept my public employees being forced to pay union dues which funds this racket.

Matt said...

According to The Indianapolis Star, many of them are at the Comfort Suites in Urbana. According to google, the number is (217) 328-3500. Start calling and ask for your legislator!

M Theory said...

I called the Urbana hotel where our reps are holed up. I asked for Rep Delaney.

The hotel operator confirmed they are getting a lot of calls from Hoosiers. Although I was angry, she said I am the nicest one so far.

Several of my mates at work also called to leave message.

If the hotel gets enough calls, they may throw the bums out of the hotel for causing so much disruption.

Pete Boggs said...

A few ideas from an activist friend:

1) AWOL reps have until 9AM tomorrow morning to report for public service & those failing to do so will have their IN Rep plates suspended until further notice, along with other privileges of state.

2) Nat Guard deployed across state lines at cost to those reps, if need be

3) Suspend session, committee hearings / readings, etc. until future date.

4) Propose a recall vote for those seats now vacated by AWOL reps.

5) Tell the Republicans to stop being such P^SS#ES & take the role of leadership seriously.