Wednesday, February 16, 2011

White Grand Jury Enters Second Day

In case you had forgotten, a special prosecutor looking into allegations of voter fraud by Secretary of State Charlie White has concluded the second day of work for a grand jury convened to investigate the charges leveled against White by Hamilton County Democrats during last year's election. The Star's Robert Annis reports:

Grand jury proceedings against Secretary of State Charlie White entered their second day today in a Hamilton County courtroom today.

White, the top election official in the state, is accused of intentionally voting in the wrong precinct during the May 2010 primary, a potential felony.

If convicted of a felony, White would have to give up the position that he won by a wide margin over Democrat Vop Osili in November's election . . .

Special prosecutors John Dowd, a Republican, and Daniel Sigler, a Democrat, are investigating claims that White voted in a district he no longer lived in. The registered address was a home he had shared on and off with his now ex-wife until 2009.

Also being investigated are less-serious charges that White's campaign neglected to place a payment disclosure on a mailer, as required by law.

Dowd said the grand jury has "additional work to do." He anticipated that a decision would come on the White case within the next two weeks.

The facts in the case are pretty simple and straight forward. I'm surprised the special prosecutor would need more than a couple of days to put the question of whether to indict White to the grand jurors. Two weeks?

A commenter on the Star's website asks, "We let Brizzi do things so spectacularly illegal and profitable but we have a problem with this guy voting in the wrong precinct?" I can't disagree with that perspective. The greater hypocrisy, though, is the same Democrats pushing this case so hard were the first to sweep under the rug the voter fraud Patrice Abduallah and Marion County Clerk Beth White perpetrated on the voters of Marion County by allowing him to stand for election and serve illegitimately on the Indianapolis City-County Council representing a district in which they knew he never resided. They are also the first to label you a crazy birther if you question the eligibility of Barack Obama to serve as President of the United States. They pretend it's a given that a person born to a foreign citizen who is later adopted by another foreign citizen and becomes a citizen of his adopted father's foreign country is a natural born citizen under the Constitution. Yeah, hypocrisy knows no bounds when it comes to partisans who wear blinders. And yes, Bill O'Reilly and those who think like him on this issue are the real pinheads, not us, for their complete ignorance of the Constitution.


M Theory said...

Amen, Gary.

Kilroy said...

So your argument is that even though White probably committed a felony, no one should care because other politicians have also done bad things?

Gary R. Welsh said...

If the Democrats don't want to do anything about Abduallah's fraud or Obama's even larger fraud, then I don't care whether anything happens to White. If some politicians get to break the election rules, let all break the rules. I abhor selective enforcement of laws.