Monday, February 28, 2011

More Public Handouts To Political Insiders The Focus Of Tonight's Council Meeting

Topping tonight's agenda of the Indianapolis City-County Council meeting is another downtown project that will be funded with taxpayer dollars. That would be the North of South project for the Downtown's southside. The local news media has completely abrogated any responsibility to the public to report truthfully on what this project means to you. Essentially, taxpayers are loaning $98 million to the private developer (because no bank would loan them the money for their risky project) for its $155 million mixed use project involving a hotel, apartments, a new YMCA (that the Y admits is not even needed) and office and retail space. Another $40 million cash is being directly and indirectly funneled into the project. Those are facts you will have to go to local blogger Pat Andrew's site to read. Pat is also an at-large candidate for the council in the Democrat primary. She has a better grasp of city finances than the collective intelligence of the entire current council. Democratic Party bosses blocked her from being slated by rigging their rules to ensure someone who is capable of thinking for herself doesn't get elected to the council.


M Theory said...

Haven't they noticed all the unsold condos and spaces for rent downtown? Why are they adding to it? This is not a good investment of taxpayer dollars.

Concerned Taxpayer said...

And of course, the no-balls republicans will have 20 reasons why this must be rammed through.