Thursday, October 29, 2009

Will Jack Cottey's Coattails Help Tim Motsinger?

These days if you see former Marion Co. Sheriff Jack Cottey, you'll probably see Tim Motsinger near his side. Motsinger is a former Lieutenant for IMPD's North District and served as a Captain under Sheriff Cottey. Motsinger is seeking the Republican nomination for Marion Co. sheriff next year. The video above captures an ugly scene about seven years ago when Cottey barged into a local tow operator's office and demanded the return of his car, which had been towed because it was illegally parked on the Circle while Cottey and Motsinger were in the Columbia Club. True to form, Motsinger is at Cottey's side while he goes on a curse-filled tirade against the poor attendant on duty at the tow operator's office. Motsinger doesn't do anything embarrassing in the video, but he does look a bit taken back by his boss' rude and insolent behavior. Some Republicans wonder whether Motsinger's ties to Cottey will hurt his chances in next year's sheriff's race. Bart McAtee, the son of another former Sheriff, is facing off against Motsinger. He served as a Chief Deputy in IMPD's Operations Division in 2007 and now works as a Lieutenant in charge of motorcycle escorts. Enjoy the video while it's still posted. It may not last much longer.


Vox Populi said...

Cottey was obviously intoxicated, too, which makes this even more hilarious.

Paul K. Ogden said...

Vox, I didn't know Cottey being intoxicated. I think Tim Motsinger though wanted to get as far away from there as possibe.

Advance Indiana said...

I would hope he could have blamed that behavior on the alcohol, but then again, he was driving. One of the TV news reporters quite a few years ago followed Cottey around from one bar to another while he was sheriff, filming him at each stop consuming alcoholic beverages and then getting in his car and driving off. Cottey was extremely upset about that and, as I recall, says he was off duty at the time.