Thursday, October 29, 2009

Race-Baiting Amos Brown Calls Opponents Of Wishard Referendum Racists

You'll find no member of the African-American community in Indianapolis who promotes racial divisions and general hatred within his community towards whites more than radio talk show host Amos Brown, shown at left with his anti-Semitic, anti-American, anti-gay and anti-white friend he calls The Honorable, Nation of Islam Leader Louis Farrakhan. Brown has become infamous for his weekly columns in the Indianapolis Recorder that repeat the tired-old meme that white folks are out to get the black folks in this town. This week, the renowned racist takes on the Wishard referendum and its opponents, including this blog. Of course, we're all just a bunch of racists who want to harm the black folks according to Brown. His pathetic rantings follow:

And because a disproportionate number of African-Americans patronize Wishard, opposition by predominantly white tax protestors makes it appear, to some in our Black community, to be racially based.

Most opponents advocating voting “no” are fair-minded. Their opposition is based on long standing convictions against tax increases. Unfortunately, though, one nefarious blogger’s advocacy against the Wishard referendum is blinded by his bigotry and racism that approaches that of Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter, Glenn Beck and their ilk.

Other than the bigoted blogger, I respect the views of the referendum opponents, but I feel strongly that they’re wrong.
Hey, I'll gladly be lumped in the company of Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck over your ilk anyday, Amos. And Mayor Ballard just recently named this most divisive man as co-chair of the 2010 census effort in Indianapolis. This would be the same man who bad-mouthed Ballard repeatedly during the 2007 campaign and has repeatedly called him and members of his staff racists. You see, Amos Brown only cares about process when it affects members of his race. Ironically, the real racism in this debate is his support of a health care system in Marion County that quite obviously seeks to segregate the county's poor, minority population from the health care facilities that primarily serve middle and upper class whites. In a truly color-blind health care delivery system, all Marion County residents could choose the hospital of their choice, and our tax dollars would follow them--sort of like school choice. No, Brown wants no part of that. He wants a separate hospital to serve this population. In other words, he favors segregated health care services in this county. Go figure.


Advance Indiana said...

Sorry, Wilson, but pathetic former political hack employees of the Center Township Trustee's office like yourself are not going to be posting any comments here. Don't waste your time trying to post your ad hominem race-baiting comments. People know who you are and don't want to hear from you. Go hang out with Amos.

Downtown Indy said...

It is amazing how Amos sees everything as a race issue.

You make an excellent point, that he's arguing for a 'black hospital.'

And of course he's off the mark as all the proponents are, painting a doom-and-gloom false image of the referendum deciding Wishard's future rather than simply how Matt Gutwein acquires his financing.

Advance Indiana said...

A few weeks back, Amos twisted Todd Rokita's redistricting reform proposal and claimed it was a white conspiracy to reduce the number of African-American officeholders in this state. The guy is the worst, race-pandering sort you'll ever meet. Republicans make the mistake of giving the guy credibility by going on his show and he always winds up knifing them in the back. Brown is a socialist who favors total redistribution of wealth. He believes in reparations being paid to all African-Americans. He supports every tax increase that comes down the pike. This guy is as far beyond the mainstream as you can get.

Aryq46254 said...

This sort of thing just disgusts me... and frankly, it does more to hurt white/black race relations than *anything* those "damn whites" do... I'm sure he also believes that black people can not be racist because, ya know, they are black, right? *shakes head*

indyernie said...

Assuming we could put Wilson and Amos in a room together, alone,

Who would be the most racists?

Who would make the least since?

Who would win if boxing gloves were introduced?

And could we really tell the difference between them if skin pigmentation didn't play into the mix?

Advance Indiana said...

Wilson's pink hair sets him apart in any crowd.

thomabyk said...

I'm dumber for listening to this guy this afternoon. I'm sure he and his "ilk" are going to file a complaint to the local government for my distaste for this man's opinions. His entire radio show features people calling and whining and crying against white people. Their is legitimate hate being spread on his show. The man is the epitomy of the entitlement generation -- the childish generation that looks to the government to fulfill their every need. Buck up Amos - your an adult - quit making people into victims - do you want to see liberal policies turn Indy into Detroit! We don't have "Obama Money" to afford a new Wishard Hospital...sorry.

swan said...

Sorry to learn about this personal attack Amos made on Gary. Pitiful. Please keep up your hard work, and rest assured that you are right, we should vote NO.

artfuggins said...

indyernie, your spelling skills are getting weaker.

indyernie said...

My spelling skills are weak but...if my spelling skills are getting weaker than so is spell check’s.

We all have brain farts from time to time....look at yourself, you are a prime vote democrat.