Friday, October 16, 2009

Carlos May To Make 7th District Bid Official On Monday

Republican Carlos May plans to make his 7th District congressional run official on Monday at noon at a business corridor location in the 2600 block of West Washington Street. May, who is a neighborhood liaison for Mayor Greg Ballard, plans to give up his city job to campaign full time. May will have at least one well known opponent, Marvin Scott, a four-time loser who ran three times in the past for the 7th District (and former 10th District) seat unsuccessfully and lost a U.S. Senate race to Evan Bayh in 2004. His press release about Monday's announcement reads as follows:

Carlos May of Indianapolis has always been an active citizen, volunteering in the community and working in government. Due to the recent decisions of Congress, Carlos says he feels compelled to take action. Currently, he serves the City of Indianapolis, working as a Mayor’s Neighborhood Liaison. Carlos takes great pride in helping the citizens of Indianapolis in his current role, but wants to do more — for the city and the nation. That’s why he’s decided to run for Indiana’s Seventh Congressional District seat. He intends to qualify in the 2010 Republican Primary.

Carlos grew up in an Army family. This gave him the opportunity to live in several places in the United States as well as Europe, Japan and Mexico. By the fifth grade, his father retired from active duty and the family settled in the Indianapolis area, where generations of May family members had lived. Carlos graduated from Zionsville High School. He earned a B.A. in Political Science from Wabash College in 2001. Carlos went straight to law school after graduating from Wabash, and in 2003 earned a Doctor of Jurisprudence from Thomas Jefferson School of Law in California.

Carlos worked in a variety of positions before serving the City of Indianapolis in the Mayor’s Office. As Director of West Coast Operations for Marathon Building Services, a large building services corporation, Carlos managed multiple crews and work sites for both private and military clients. Carlos worked as an International Manager for DFS Galleria, a subsidiary of Louis Vuitton-Moet Hennesy, responsible for preparing multimillion dollar purchases and distribution orders for clients in the U.S., Guam and Japan. A bilingual speaker, Carlos has also worked as a Consultant for Zebulon Inc., providing advice on business management, demographic awareness and advertising for family-owned businesses in the Indianapolis Latino community.

Community involvement and volunteerism have always been a big part of Carlos’ life. He participates in the HOSTS (Helping One Student To Succeed) reading program — a local peer mentoring program for young children in Indianapolis. For several years now, Carlos has been volunteering his services throughout Central Indiana as a translator/interpreter for non-English speakers. Carlos also serves on the Board of Directors for Beacon of Hope Center for Women, a support center for women and children victims of domestic violence. He is active in the Charles F. Frank Masonic Lodge and the Ancient Accepted Scottish Rite here in Indianapolis. Carlos lives in Pike Township with his wife Risa, a Special Education teacher.


Downtown Indy said...

That's quite a list, especially when compared against the incumbent.

I can hear the dumpster lids rattling already. But I suspect the opposition will mainly rely on Carlos' brief linkage to Mayor Ballard for their smear tactics.

iPOPA said...

I'll tell my fellow Wabash man the same thing I told Marvin Scott. You can't win this. Instead of campaigning full time on a suicide mission, work full-time mentoring kids. THAT will be how you make a difference in Indianapolis.

johnny200877 said...

It's sad when a supposed "Wabash Man" gives up without even attempting a challenge. Maybe iPOPA should go back to campus and remember what I learned from four years there...Wabash Always Fights! Keep your negativity to yourself if you are going to claim to be a Wabash Man.

artfuggins said...

It is a suicide mission. Congressman Carson is well liked and hard working. He is representing his district well and a large majority of his constituents are pleased. I guess it is nice that Carlos Mays is willing to take the hit on this one....Someone has to unless the GOP lets him run unopposed.


Art? Congressman Carson is not necessarily all that well liked.

Folks don't like the following:
1. Bills that are not on line well in advance of House votes

2. Cap and Trade

3. Bailouts

4. Big Government.

5. Congressmen who accept money from Muslim terrorist organizations.

6. City councilors who accept VP Marketing jobs with city contractors immediately upon getting a city council job.

There's a lot of negatives out there about Carson that cause people like me to be very concerned about Carson's integrity.

My question is can Carson win without the dead and homeless vote?

Thank God for Voter ID!