Saturday, October 03, 2009

Obama Bashed America In Pushing Chicago's Olympic Bid

Has this guy been living in the U.S.A.? He tells the International Olympic Committee that the idea that America is welcoming to people from all over the world has been lost over the last several years. I suppose our desire to protect ourselves from another 9/11 terrorist attack is grounds for his conclusion. How any American, let alone the President, could suggest that America has not been a welcoming country to outsiders is beyond me. I challenge President Obama to name another country as welcoming to outsiders as the United States. For an unwelcoming country, we sure as hell have a lot of people immigrating to this country from other parts of the world every day. Hat tip to Gateway Pundit.


IndyPaul said...

The IOC's concern is the difficulty foreigners have just visiting the US. It has nothing to do with immigration. This may well be the issue that sunk Chicago's boat. Had Obama not even acknowledged the well known difficulties in response to a direct question about it would have come across very badly.

Andrew said...

Yeah, gotta back IndyPaul here on this one, Gary. You might be making a mountain out of a well-reasoned mole hill on this point. In fact, Obama was directly questioned about the difficulties with Visa access.

interestedparty said...

My brother-in-law was here in town earlier this year for an annual conference that attracts an international audience of business professionals. Their attendance was way, way down this year. The organization had expected the economy was to blame, but they got a lot of feedback that it is very hard to travel to the US at the moment, and doubly so to Indianapolis as it's not a major hub.