Friday, July 03, 2009

Mark Miles For Governor, Or Mayor?

That's what Star editorial writer Russ Pulliam tosses out for consideration in his weekly column today. He's even getting encouragement from the religious right's Curt Smith, who heads the Indiana Family Institute and is a leading advocate for adoption of a constitutional amendment banning same sex relationships or similar civil unions. The Democratic blog, Indianapolis Times, has speculated that Miles is working behind the scenes to dump Ballard to make way for his own candidacy. Miles is best known for his leadership role at the CICP, a publicly-funded nonprofit that promotes welfare for corporations, including hundreds of millions in subsidies for billionaire sports team owners. He has been a big proponent of the CIB bailout, tax increases and all. One thing is clear. Russ Pulliam is not just engaged in idle speculation. Somebody put a bug in his ear. You can bet on that.


Downtown Indy said...

Well Miles should bear in mind he will have to deal with the future headache of how to pay upkeep on that practice facility he cooked up for Tech High. And the ongoing CIB matters.

Paul K. Ogden said...

The only way that makes sense is if Ballard leaves early and Miles has some time to rehabilitate that office. He'd undoubtedly look good by comparison.

But running in 2011, after a disasterous Ballard administration, makes no sense. He'd be tarnished big time by the Ballard legacy. He's clearly not a populist which is the only Republican who would have a chance and even then it would be tough to escape the Ballard stigma.

If someone like Miles wasn't interested in 2007, why would he be interested in 2011?

Advance Indiana said...

The practice facility is the biggest bullshit project ever. IPS does not need an athletic facility it can't afford to maintain. IPS property taxpayers will foot the bill to maintain that completely unnecessary and useless facility. It is being built for one purpose and one purpose only--to provide the extra practice facility for one of the teams during that one Super Bowl game. Mark Miles could care less what happens after that. The whole eastside redevelopment is a joke. This crap didn't work in Detroit and it won't work it. It's nothing more than window dressing to make the City think the wealthy sports owners care about little people. It's nothing more than pr and has no permanent, long-term benefits.

Downtown Indy said...

With the ever-present threat of school closures, layoffs and cutbacks. An expensive new building makes ZERO sense.

There's a practice facility at U of I and other universities in the area. I believe the Colts found Anderson and Franklin quite adequate when they used them, and either one is just a half hour away.

But the folks making such decisions are simply irresponsible and seeking to feather their own beds - sensibility and practicality do not factor in at all. They get THEIR cudos, get to rub elbows with celebrities and whatever burden they leave behind is unimportant.