Friday, July 31, 2009

Ivy Tech Political Cronyism Lives On

If anyone thought Ivy Tech President Tom Schneider was going to end the long-time practice of the credibility-challenged community college hiring political cronies for high-paid positions at the school, they were sadly mistaken. An Advance Indiana reader brings to my attention two recent hires by Schneider, one Democrat and one Republican. These two new hires join a staff that includes former Senate President Pro Tempore Robert Garton (R), Speaker of the House Pat Bauer (D), State Rep. Bill Crawford (D), State Rep. Craig Fry (D) and Susan Brooks, wife of Marion Co. GOP enforcer David Brooks.

Brian McGrath, former finance director for the Indiana Republican Party and Finance Director for Gov. Mitch Daniels' campaign committee, has been hired for the position of Vice President of Workforce and Economic Development Partnerships where he reports to fellow big-shot Republican Susan Brooks. McGrath has a Bachelor of Arts degree from Indiana University.

Ivy Tech also hired J.D. Lux late last year for a newly-created position of Executive Director of Government Affairs. Lux is an unsuccessful Democratic candidate for state representative and former Caucus Campaign Director for the Indiana House Democratic Caucus where he reported to another fellow Ivy Tech employee, House Speaker Pat Bauer. Lux earned a law degree from Ohio Northern University's Petit College of Law and a bachelor's degree from Franklin College.

Yes, we still hold Ivy Tech in low regard. Yes, nothing has changed under Schneider. And yes, there needs to be a comprehensive investigation undertaken of the college. The quid pro quos taking place there without any consequences are well over the top by this point. They know there are no prosecutors willing to take them on in this state at either the federal or state level so they do as they please. It would be nice, though, if the Indianapolis Star or some other mainstream news organization would at least take a stab at disclosing the political chicanery taking place at this pretend college at taxpayers' expense. Oh, that's right, they hire them too. Doesn't radio talk show host Abdul Hakim-Shabazz have a part-time teaching gig there as well?


Downtown Indy said...

Did you just call a radio talk show host 'mainstream news organization?'

And as a side note, my 'word verification' on this post is 'inalindy' as in 'I am not a lawyer indy.' Is that wierd or what?

Paul K. Ogden said...


I had "heldfart" yesterday on one.

Terrific post, Gary. The things Ivy Tech gets away with is unbelievable.

Jon said...

Maybe our Ivy Tech legislators should be classified as lobbyists...