Sunday, July 12, 2009

Illinois Cemetery Scandal Blowback On Senate Candidate

The scandalous pillaging of several hundred grave sites by workers at one of Illinois' most historic African-American cemeteries, Burr Oak, could have damaging consequences for at least one prominent Illinois Democratic politician. Illinois Comptroller Dan Hynes, who plans to seek the U.S. Senate seat held by Sen. Roland Burris next year, used a campaign against what he called the "death care industry", making news splashes ranting about cemetery rip-offs, but he was nowhere to be seen last week when the scandal at Burr Oak broke, even though his office is responsible for oversight of cemeteries. Making matters worse for Hynes, Burr Oak is located in his 19th Ward Democratic organization.

News reports out of Chicago indicate that Hynes' office had received at least 20 complaints about Burr Oak over the past several years but referred all of the complaints back to the cemetery. Hynes' office is responsible for auditing all funeral homes and cemeteries that sell pre-death funeral arrangements, administering annual financial reporting from the licensed entities and conducting audits to ensure financial compliance with the safeguarding of consumers' monies. The Chicago Tribune's John Kass has a prescient column today tackling this sordid mess.

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M Theory said...

Gary, once again you prove to be THE encyclopedia of knowledge of corruption, not only in Indiana, but in Illinois too!


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