Saturday, March 28, 2009

Legistorm Compiles Carson Legislative Staff Salaries

According to newly-compiled records for congressional staff prepared by the nonpartisan, nonprofit organization, Legistorm, U.S. Rep. Andre Carson had an annual payroll of approximately $1,286,120 as of the fourth quarter of 2008. That's about $174,000 more than his grandmother spent during her last year in office for congressional salaries. Carson's highest paid staffer made $144,000. Here are their names and salaries:

Ellen Quigley ($144,000)
Micah Ragland ($132,000)
Keiana Barrett ($96,000)
Sara Williams ($83,332)
Kasey Kendrick ($82,000)
Erin Rosenberg ($80,000)
Dani Dotson ($75,000)
Kathleen Taylor ($75,000)
Kristi Guillory ($73,000)
Andrea Scott ($72,000)
Belinda Drake ($71,614)
Clydonna Surrett ($71,000)
Melissa Fisher ($60,666)
Umar Ahmed ($60,000)
Saman Quadeer ($55,000)
Jarnell Craig ($45,000)
Torrey Washington ($45,000)
George Sutton ($30,000)


jeanniejo said...

Congratulations, drkate -- thumbs up to you, girl


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M Theory said...

Mike Pence spent a great deal less and is a great deal more effective.

Total salaries for 2008 $996,341

indyernie said...

Carson hasn't a person on his staff who should be making more than 50K per year. A do nothing staff for a do nothing congressman who does nothing other than what he is told by the democrat leadership (I know that I'm using the word leadership loosely here)in DC.

Sir Hailstone said...

Wasn't Ellen Quigley a 25th Floor staffer in the Peterson Administration?

Couple of the names should be familiar.

Melissa Fisher is Julia's former campaign manager. She went by her maiden name at the time which escapes me at the moment.

Wasn't Erin Rosenberg (Any relation to Judge Louis?) more or less a Carson apologist (besides You-Know-Who) on the blogosphere?

Gary R. Welsh said...

Yes, Ellen worked for Peterson. Her husband, Fran, appeared in campaign commercials for Andre. Fisher worked on the campaigns for both Julia and Andre. Erin is the daughter of Judge Lou Rosenberg. She is the one who used to frequently comment on the blogs under her own name prior to joining Andre's staff.

Anonymous said...

This is exactly why I have decided to become a die-hard socialist. I don't feel that Quigley and Ragland are paying enough of their "fair share." It is high time that anyone making $100K/year pays at least half of that back to government. We need fair taxation NOW!!!

Anonymous said...

Now wonder Fran and Ellen _love_ big government. Ellen is making $144K due to big government by working in Congress. Fran is making $88K due to big government by working for a public university. The Quigley's be rich!! I don't think they are paying their fair share...when is Barak going to take more of their money and spread it around to poor folks like me?

Concerned Taxpayer said...

Are any of them white?

Well, shouldn't they "reflect" their district?

Or does that only count for blacks?

Gary R. Welsh said...

The chief of staff, Ellen Quigley, is Caucasian. I couldn't tell you what the make-up of the remainder of the staff is, but I know who could.

Wilson46201 said...

The 7th District population is approximately 2/3 Caucasian - the staff at the Congressional Office is approximately 2/3 Caucasian. Rather representative, eh?

Wilson46201 said...

Obama's tax plan lowers taxes on households making less than $250,000 which would thus include the Quigleys (like 95% of all American households)..