Thursday, January 08, 2009

Why Complain About The Vasectomy?

A Marion, Indiana man, 28-year-old William Jeremiah Six, is accused of stealing more than $276,000 from Lakeview Wesleyan Church and Lakeview Christian School over a 4-year period. In addition to using the money to buy cars and motorcycles, an AP report says Six used $736 to pay for a vasectomy. Should the court give him credit for community service when he is sentenced?



I think we should pay $100 to anyone who wants a state sponsored vasectomy. If we did it long enough there wouldn't be any guest seeking to know who be their baby's daddy for the Maury Povich show.

The democrats count on the prolific breeding of the dumbed down lazy masses.

Sean Shepard said...

HFFT ...

Although I would have to oppose any taxpayer funded vasectomies, just as much as I would taxpayer funded hospital births or taxpayer funded abortions, why not start a private charity/non-profit that takes collections for this purpose?

You could call it 'SNIP'

(S)top (N)eedless (I)creases in (P)regnancy.


artfuggins said...

HFFT you never pass up a chance to make a tasteless remark about Democrats...I would love to see some program to provide vasectomies....maybe even reduced fines or jail sentences for criminals who are making babies with multiple women and not supporting any of them.