Thursday, January 22, 2009

Indy School Kids Held Up

This is really pathetic. Fox59 News reports that four different groups of school children on Indianapolis' northeast side were held up at gunpoint this morning and robbed while waiting for a school bus.

UPDATE: The Star has a story online now. One of the assailants pistol-whipped one of the students in the face. The Star report provides a description of the car the robbers were driving but no description of the assailants. "There were differences in the details of the people responsible for the robberies, but Mount said the victims generally agreed that three people were involved and the car was a silver or gray four-door, possibly a Dodge Intrepid with a damaged door on the driver's side and a temporary paper license plate.

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Downtown Indy said...

I don't see 'hate crime' in your article. Seems like it should have been, knowing your intense interest in that type of violence.