Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Laugh Of The Day: Carl Drummer To Become Ice Miller Lobbyist

WISH-TV's Jim Shella reports on this interesting development on a day when people are digging themselves out from a major snowstorm which hit the Indianapolis area. It seems that our good friend Center Township Trustee Carl Drummer is stepping down to become a lobbyist for Ice Miller, the same law firm that has been representing the township for years at considerable cost to the taxpayers. It also happens to be the law firm of Marion County Republican Chairman Tom John. Shella says of the announcement:

Center Township Trustee Carl Drummer plans to step down next month.

Carl Drummer replaced the late Julia Carson as Center Township Trustee when she won a seat in Congress. Now, after 12 years in office and numerous suggestions that he seek higher office, Drummer plans to become a lobbyist at Ice Miller , a downtown law firm.

Drummer's resignation comes at a time when both the governor and the mayor want township government eliminated, but the Democratic officeholder said that has nothing to do with his decision.

Drummer said the poor relief he administers is more important now than ever. "

Township government, in my opinion is much needed, but it also was a time that I have an opportunity to go on and do some bigger and better things and also continue to advocate for township government," said Drummer.

Drummer also serves as president of the Township Association. He said his political career is likely over.

A special election by precinct committeemen will choose his replacement. His resignation won't be official for a couple of weeks.

Drummer has been fleecing Center Township taxpayers for years. Unfortunately, unless you read the Indianapolis Business Journal and local political blogs, you wouldn't know that. As part of his consolidation plan, supported by the Kernan-Shepard Commission, Mayor Greg Ballard wants to eliminate township governments and transfer their duties to the consolidated municipal government. Drummer has been paying Ice Miller for the last several years to lobby the Indiana General Assembly on behalf of the Center Township Trustee's Office to protect his fiefdom. Is this an indication that Drummer believes township government, at least in Marion County, will be eliminated this year? Let's hope. Imagining how Ice Miller will market Drummer's services is an entertaining thought. Sort of like that Seinfeld episode where Kramer is in a bachelor auction and Elaine is trying to think up positive things to say about him. "Uuum. He has a GED. He has good taste in clothing . . . "


Downtown Indy said...

Well I've heard of gangsters putting lawyers on a their payroll. But this is a new approach.

Indy4U2C said...

Carl Drummer...does he have a high school diploma?

Indy4U2C said...

What's next? Ice Miller hiring a team: Carl Drummer & Rod Blagojevich as "special lobbyists for governmental affairs!!!"