Friday, March 07, 2008

Orentlicher Campaign Disavows Carson-Farrakhan Video

A YouTube video clip is making its rounds around the Internet today, which draws attention to the controversial endorsement Nation of Islam Leader Louis Farrakhan gave to the candidacy of Andre Carson in the 7th district congressional race. As the clip reaches the end, a photograph of State Rep. David Orentlicher (D-Indianapolis) appears with a message urging viewers to support him over Carson in the May 6 Democratic primary. A comment posted to YouTube purporting to be from the Orentlicher campaign notes the video was not produced by his campaign. It reads:

A reminder--neither this nor any other YouTube channel expresses the opinions of David Orentlicher or anyone affiliated with his campaign. Unless campaign authorization is specifically stated, the campaign's offical website is the only outlet that represents communications on behalf of David Orentlicher for Congress.

The comment is notable for the fact that it does not condemn the ad's content or urge its poster to pull it down from YouTube. The person posting the ad is identified as DavidOFan. He describes himself as "a proud [38-year-old] Democrat and supporter of State Representative David Orentlicher for Congress!" "Please vote for David on Tuesday, May 6th, for U.S. Representative, 7th District." he urges. Some suspect this is the same David O supporter who posts on area blogs under the pseudo name "Vox Populi."

Also, check out a post at Hoosier Access by former 7th District congressional candidate Tom Rose, who endorsed Jon Elrod after losing to him at the 7th District caucus in January. His post discusses the role Andre Carson's Muslim faith plays in his campaign. Rose is a former publisher of the Jerusalem Post.


Anonymous said...

Pretty darn tough. But don't forget, David O hit Densborn hard and early with a stem cell piece. David O doesn't mess around.

Anonymous said...

This seems to be an effort by Orentlicher to drive a stake into Carson's heart before next Tuesday in hopes of taking him out. He'll stick a fork in him in the primary.

Anonymous said...

The video is right on target. This is the message the voters need to get before Tuesday. Carson's campaign is part of a larger effort to establish a Nation of Islam within the U.S. These people want to bring America down and establish an Islamo-facsist state.

Vox Populi said...

I don't know who he is, but he pirated my footage of David Orentlicher at the candidate forum and "made it his own." I reported it to YouTube, but I doubt anything will come from it.

Anonymous said...

How ironic that Julia was David O's campaign advisor and David O is using the same tools Julia loved so much.

Ah, grasshopper has snatched the pebble from the hand.

MIkeoles3 said...

David O is a great grassroots conainer and a very solid canidiate. He was my first place to replace Julia.

But he would never support or endorse a YOUTUBE video like this. He simply has too much class.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for providing the links Gary.
Tom Rose's comments were far more civil than what I would have written.
What is it about the truth that the local media is so afraid of.
This same situation occurred in Minnesota when former Black Muslim Keith Ellison was showered with cash from CAIR.
Ellison was carrying ten time the baggage that Carson has but they are both cut from the same cloth.
The issue is NOT religion, it's a belief system disquised as a religion.

Anonymous said...

Todays (Sat. March 8th, 2008) IndyStar page one headlines "Bush: Our economy has slowed. Payroll shrink". Just below that headline regarding Indy Mayor Greg Ballard "Average pay of Mayor's inner circle up 8%". If the economy is slowing, less tax revenue. Maybe I am wrong. The article further states that 4 positions have been eliminated but 2 will be created for Abandoned housing and Front Porch Alliance position. What is even more troublesome is that the justification for these higher salaries is the need for the best/most qualified individuals should be paid this high salaries. If that were the case, then how did Deputy Mayor on Economics Nick Weber get the position with no prior experience. But it gets better, more IMPD officers are needed for the street to implement community policing and to combat the raising crimes rates left by the Peterson Administration. So what does the Ballard Administration do, it promote 9 new officers from the street to desk jobs, 9 Sgt's to Lt positions, 6 Lt's to Capt's position. This already on top of a management top heavy department. Plus, the city/county has not idea what the revenue will be from property taxes. Make sense of this.

Anonymous said...

Akindele's blog Indiana Minority Report just burned Wilson Allen.
My question: Who is the black woman Wilson was stalking and why?
I'm a white woman and if I was being stalked by black man working for a candidate I'd call the cops.
So Carson has a white man stalking a black woman. If I were her I'd get a restraining order ASAP!
Recall when Dickerson had his tires slashed and family threatened by these same people.

Sarge said...

Birds of a feather; flock together.
Andre Carson is a starling.....