Saturday, April 01, 2006

What Happens When You Stick A DVD Into A CD Player?

A senior vice president for Warsaw's Zimmer, Inc. has learned the hard way what happens when you try sticking a DVD in a CD player. When his wife tried playing a DVD belonging to him in her car's CD player, it became stuck. She took the car to a local dealer, who delivered the car to a service vendor in Holland, Michigan. After removing the DVD from the CD player, the service vendor viewed it and discovered a video of an underage girl and an adult woman in various stages of undress, whereupon the vendor turned the video over to police.

James P. Simpson, 47 of Akron, Indiana, now faces charges of child exploitation, a Class C felony and voyeurism, a Class D felony. Simpson, who resigned the senior vice president position at Zimmer to which he was promoted in December, is accused of hiding video recording equipment in an air purifier in the room of a girl under the age of 15. The Warsaw Times-Union writes of the charges:

According to count I of the charging information, “James P. Simpson did knowingly or intentionally possess, manage, produce, sponsor, present, exhibit, photograph, film, videotape or create a digitized version of a performance or incident that included sexual conduct by a child under 18 years of age ...” Count II of the charging information says, “... James P. Simpson did knowingly or intentionally peep into an area where an occupant of the area reasonably can be expected to disrobe, without the person’s consent, by means of a camera, video camera, or any other type of video recording device ...” Simpson allegedly made recordings of a minor girl in various stages of undress without her knowledge. The video contains footage of the girl and an adult woman. Neither person in the video seemed to know they were being recorded.

Simpson used to be in charge of government relations for Zimmer. His arrest must be quite an embarrassment to the company. His wife's probably none too pleased as well.

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Child Porn,,, an embarresment he should fry for these actions!!