Thursday, April 27, 2006

More On GOP Voter Vault Flap In Vanderburgh County

The Evansville Courier & Press adds more to its report from yesterday that someone with access to the national GOP's Voter Vault voter database system gained unauthorized access to Rep. Suzanne Crouch's entry and altered her position on abortion fron anti-abortion to pro-choice.

Betty Lou Jerrel, a party veteran, accused GOP county chairman Brent Grafton of lying to her when she first confronted him about whether he had given the password code to Voter Vault to Crouch's opponent, Jonathan Fulton. "He wanted me to stop asking him questions," Jerrel said. "There were about 40 seconds when he and his wife were just looking at each other."

Grafton, who is supporting Crouch, claims he told Jerrel that he wasn't sure whether he had given the password to Fulton because it has been such a long time. He now says he gave the password to Fulton last year when they were preparing for a Lincoln Day Dinner. Fulton, however, says he didn't receive it until February. When told of the apparent contradiction between his and Grafton's accounts, Fulton told the newspaper that it was possible Grafton is right. "My memory and my notes aren't all that good," Fulton said.

Fulton has agreed to pull a campaign flier which touts Crouch as being pro-choice, even though he does not believe that she is anti-abortion.

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