Friday, November 04, 2005

Star Gives Thumbs Down To Intelligent Design

The Indianapolis Star editorializes today against House Speaker Brian Bosma’s legislative plan to mandate the teaching of intelligent design alongside scientific theories such as evolution. The Star said, “A broader question, one raised by Gov. Mitch Daniels on Thursday, has to be answered first: Should the state legislature dictate specific topics to be discussed in schools across Indiana? We would vote to leave the decision-making in the hands of local boards and administrators as often as possible.” And let Eric Miller go from school to school and lobby for an intelligent design curriculum, which he no doubt will do if he does not succeed, just as he does with regard to sex education curriculum now.

In a follow-up story to the Star’s front-page story yesterday, Brian Bosma wanted to make it clear that he did not participate in the meeting with Trinity Broadcasting Network host Carl Baugh to discuss the intelligent design legislation; however, we learn that the meeting did take place in Bosma’s office on September 29, 2005, and that his chief of staff, Leslie Hiner, participated in the meeting. And that regular church-going guy Bosma also attended a worship service at Zion Unity Missionary Baptist Church the day before the meeting to meet Baugh. Doesn’t that make all the difference?

As to whether the intelligent design legislation is a priority for the 2006 session, Bosma told the Star he wouldn’t say that intelligent design is a legislative priority, but then again, he wouldn’t say it isn’t a priority. He said he supports the teaching of intelligent design and would consider mandating it. “I think it’s fair to allow and perhaps require students to be taught that there may be more than one explanation for the creation of the world,” Bosma said. What would we do without guys like Rev. Bosma telling us what to think and how to act? He is such a role model after all. Just ask his interns.

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