Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Is Allen County Ready For A Lesbian Sheriff?

Tina Taviano is seeking to become Allen County’s first woman and first lesbian sheriff. Sgt. Taviano is a 24-year veteran of the Allen County Sheriff’s department who wants to be judged on her credentials and not her gender or sexual orientation.

WPTA-TV reports that Taviano, who holds a Masters Degree, is the Director of Training for the department. The Democrat is “pledging, if elected, to push for more cooperation between city and county police, saying she'll crusade for the separate training and communications divisions to be combined.” She also favors setting a fixed salary for the sheriff, promising to forego tax penalty money as a bonus if she is elected.

WPTA-TV reports that Taviano is open about being a lesbian. Sgt. Tina Taviano says, "We're going to talk about issues. We're going to run an issue based campaign and stay focused on what is best for the residents of Allen County."

Allen County has not elected a Democrat as sheriff since 1938. Taviano has her work cut out for her in this Republican stronghold.

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Anonymous said...

I had a chance to meet her at Ft. Wayne Pride. She is a nice lady. I wish her the best and hope she wins!