Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Star: Passing The HRO Is The Right Thing To Do

The Indianapolis Star editorializes today in support of the pending HRO before the Indianapolis City-County Council, telling its reader it’s “the right thing to do.” Here’s the full text of the editorial:

Our position: Council should allow time for full debate, but passing discrimination ban is the right thing to do.

Eight months ago, the City-County Council turned away a proposal to give gays and lesbians the same protections against discrimination that other people have in their workplaces and in their housing.

Now, the same questions have returned: Should employers in Marion County be legally allowed to discriminate against workers simply because of their sexual orientation? Should landlords, home sellers or real estate agents be permitted to turn away potential buyers or renters for the same reason?
Fairness dictates that the answer to each question is no.

The human rights ordinance, proposed for a second time by council member Jackie Nytes, is without question controversial. Council members defeated the initial proposal after constituents objected.

But it's important to remember what the ordinance would not do. Religious institutions, including churches, mosques and synagogues, would be excluded from the new law. So would some nonprofit organizations. And so would businesses with fewer than six employees.

The council should take the time for a full public debate on the issue. All sides should have the chance to ask questions, raise concerns and support their positions. But ultimately the council, whether next month or early next year, should approve the ordinance. It's not about special rights or privileges. It is about the right thing to do.

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Anonymous said...

You are right the concil should meet and discuss fully before voting. I would hope by having discussion they could possibley bring some of them to the light and pass the HRO.