Thursday, November 03, 2005

Daniels Skeptical of Intelligent Design, But . . .

Governor Mitch Daniels reacted with less than enthusiasm to planned legislation by House Speaker Brian Bosma and his GOP colleagues to mandate the teaching of intelligent design in the state’s public schools. Daniels told the Indianapolis Star, "I would have to think hard about a bill that would require any particular curriculum or assignment," he said. Instead, Daniels would prefer to leave decisions concerning school curriculum to local authorities. Mainstream Republicans in Indiana awakened to alarm and complete embarrassment after reading the front page headlines of today’s Star, which blared the headline, “GOP lawmakers want schools to teach 'intelligent design'. Daniels did, however, parse his words carefully, telling the Star he would want students “exposed to conflicting points of view.” That’s just in case he decides to be the Cowardly Lion and capitulate to the demands of the Christian right.

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