Sunday, November 13, 2005

Division In The House Of Bosma?

Another front-page story in the Indianapolis Star today exposes some division within the House of Bosma on the issue of mandating the teaching of intelligent design. House Majority Leader Bill Friend (R-Macy), a biology and chemistry major, tells the Star he is “uncomfortable” with a state-imposed mandate, and that passage of “any such bill is by no means certain.”

Indianapolis’ Rep. Phil Hinkle, whose own survey showed about 53 percent of his constituents favoring the teaching of intelligent design, told the Star “he believes in God, Jesus and voting the will of his constituents, but “he doesn’t believe evolution is science.”

The state GOP’s executive director, Rep. Luke Messer (R-Shelbyville) claimed that the intelligent design legislation “was not politically driven and doubted that anyone would win or lose on the strength of intelligent design.” Rep. Ed Mahern (D-Indianapolis) disagreed. “This is their Pledge of Allegiance of Ten Commandments issue of 2006,” Mahern said.

Of course, in light of the school board election results in Dover, Pennsylvania this past week, even the House of Bosma may be re-thinking the political viability of this issue. Rep. Friend pondered, “Are we more like Pennsylvania or are we more like Kansas? That’s what we are trying to find out.” Nonetheless, Rep. Bruce “Right” Borders (R-Jasonville) promises to introduce the legislation according to the Star.


Jeff Newman said...

Bruce Borders has received a lot of press because of his Elvis impersonating gig, but anyone who thinks being an entertainer might make him kinda cool couldn't be more wrong.

He's a die-hard misguided fundie, educated at a bible-thumper college, and chummy with our old buddy Eric Miller. Here's a photo of him with his arms literally around the slimy Miller:

Let's hope "intelligent design" is his ticket out of office a-la Pennsylvania.

Mike said...

WWJD? Would Jesus stop at Intelligent Design? I don't think so. Any good Christian knows what our Lord and Savior is whispering into Bosma ear: pi = 3. If only Indiana's Republican can muster the Faith necessary to legislate that pi = 3, God will bless our great state like no other. The burden on our children to memorize Greek (not only pagan but homosexual) symbols like "pi" will be lifted. Formulas like the area of the circle and volume of a sphere will be greatly simplified. Allowing engineering and science to prosper. Just savings in not having to manufacture calculators with those special "pi" keys will bring new wealth to Indiana. Search your (KJV) Bibles, fellow Christians. Do you see "pi" there anywhere. God created 1s and 2s, not pi's and square roots. Do these concepts-- which mathematicians themselves admit are "irrational" come from Indiana? Or do they come from activist judges and the Eastern Liberal Establishment?