Saturday, February 01, 2014

Marion County GOP Slates Judicial Candidates

The Marion County Republicans held their slating convention this morning in which I participated as an elected PC. The following eight candidates have been nominated as the party's candidates for the eight superior court positions chosen by the Republican Party:

Cynthia Ayers (I)
Dave Certo (I)
Patrick Dietrick
Kurt Eisgruber (I)
Gary Miller (I)
Marilyn Moores (I)
Tim Oakes (I)
Marc Rothenberg (I)

The sole losing candidate for slating this morning as a superior court judge was Rom Byron. The Democrats will slate their eight superior court candidates next week at their slating convention. For all practical purposes, these will be the candidates elected in November. Republicans also slated unopposed  Therese Hannah for the open circuit court judge seat being vacated by Judge Louis Rosenberg (D) at the end of his term this year.

* (I) denotes incumbent judge

UPDATE: I neglected to include the other county-wide candidates who were also slated without opposition, including:

Sheriff-Emmit Carney
Auditor-Tracy McCarty
Clerk-Christine Bischoff
Prosecutor-Duane Merchant
Recorder-Terry Dove


Anonymous said...

I am surprised Gary Miller got slated! After all he actually does a good job on the bench! But it is good he did! The bench needs him!

Ghostwriter Judiciary said...

I am not surprised PJ Dietrick got slated. He is nothing more than a "yes man" for the Marion County Republican party.

Gary R. Welsh said...

All 9 candidates were deemed qualified by the judicial review committee. Theoretically, at least, it was an open race among the 9 candidates to convince the PCs to support them. All 8 were chosen on the first ballot.