Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Democrats Come Up Short In Mayor's Race

Lobbyist Frank Short, who is also the Washington Township Trustee, announced that he will seek the Democratic nomination for mayor in 2015. Short has filed paperwork to form an exploratory committee to begin raising campaign funds. From the Star:
Short, who owns the lobbying firm Short Strategy Group, Inc., said as mayor he would focus on “crime, jobs and education.”
“If we want to stay a world-class city, these are the issues were need to work on and work together on,” Short said. “I have a proven record of being able to work with Democrats and Republicans.”
Short is finishing his second term as Washington Township Trustee and served on the City-County Council from 1991 to 2003. He is running for trustee again this year.
Short’s lobbying firm focuses on retail, commerce, insurance, state government and gaming and its clients have included government agencies, public utilities and gaming companies, according to a biography provided by Short.
Short said he was encouraged to run for mayor by people dissatisfied with Ballard’s performance, including “community folks, pastors, business people and regular citizens.”
The only other Democratic candidate currently being mentioned as a potential candidate is State Rep. Ed DeLaney, a former partner at Barnes & Thornburg, the law firm that currently operates the City of Indianapolis as a wholly-owned subsidiary thanks to the empty suit currently occupying the office.


Flogger said...

Short certainly invoked all the Buzz Words and cliches of the political doctrine of meaninglessness -crime, jobs and education and of course "World Class City."

The Mayoral Race will be a "War" of empty cliches devoid of any substance.

Crime, jobs and education are not meaningless, but our Political Parties have no solutions, only phrases.

Government - a body of people who award contracts to private corporations.
Elections - a vote to pick people who award contracts to private companies who donate enough cash to their election committees.

Anonymous said...

This guy's got a lot of baggage---perhaps his campaign slogan might be: "not actually indicted."

Can't the Dems do better? There's a real opportunity for them to unseat the current poor example of a mayor.