Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Perceiving Strong Opposition To Syrian War, Coats Changes His Tune

UPDATED BELOW: Coats Now A "No" Vote On Resolution
As a member of the Senate Intelligence Committee, Sen. Dan Coats (R) has been more familiar with the CIA's covert training, arming and funding of extremist rebels for the past two years to wage a civil war in Syria that has claimed more than 100,000 lives and led to two million refugees than most members of Congress. As Americans and Hoosiers have strongly voiced their opposition to the U.S. starting yet another war in the Middle East over the past week, Sen. Coats has started changing his tune a little bit. He says that he is convinced that the chemical weapons false flag attack contrived by our own CIA to force direct U.S. military involvement in the country was really carried out by Assad, tipping his hand as to how disingenuous he really is on the issue, but he stopped short of saying he will vote to give Obama authority to take military action. Here's how the Gannett-owned disinformation newspaper reports his position:
Coats said he won’t announce how he’ll vote on giving Obama authority to respond until the president addresses the nation today. The Senate could hold a test vote as early as Wednesday.
“To refuse the commander in chief war-making authorities when he has asked for them is not a decision any of us can make lightly,” said Coats, a member of the Senate intelligence committee . . .
But Coats said Monday that the main purpose for an attack seems to be to defend Obama’s credibility for originally saying that the use of chemical weapons by Syria was a “red line” that Assad must not cross.
And if a military response doesn’t deter Assad, Coats asked, couldn’t that embolden Iran to pursue its own weapons of mass destruction?
Last night, I wasted time watching a panel discussion on CNN led by the Vanderbilt trust fund baby, Anderson Cooper, who was hired by the New World Order to read fake news reports on the network. Naturally, everyone on this "expert" panel believed that Assad had used chemical weapons on his own people, except for the only journalist on the panel who had first-hand experience with the rebels. Jonathan Alpeyrie was held hostage by the terrorist rebels our CIA is directing for more than 80 days. Anderson forgot to do his homework or he would have known what Alpeyrie thought on the subject. As soon as Alpeyrie said that he believed that a faction of the rebels had carried out the chemical weapons attack because it made no sense that Assad would use them when he was winning the civil war by all accounts and cause international outrage to give President Obama an excuse for launching a war. Days earlier during an appearance on Fox News, Alpeyrie confirmed his belief that it was a false flag attack. After hearing Alpeyrie's opinion, the panel of "expert" journalists on CNN ignored him for the balance of their discussion.

UPDATE: Coats has finally come out against the Syrian resolution after Russia's Vladimir Putin struck a deal to avoid war. Coats still clings to the false notion that Assad used chemical weapons on his own people though. Here's the statement his office released late today:

“After several briefings with administration officials and military leaders, gathering input from Hoosiers and hearing today directly from President Obama, I do not believe a targeted, limited military strike on Syria is in the direct national security interests of the United States. Therefore, I do not support a resolution authorizing the president to take military action in Syria.
"There is no doubt that the Assad regime used long-banned chemical weapons to murder its own people. This horrific act demands a worldwide response of condemnation. However, the president has not justified his request to engage the United States militarily in Syria.
“As a result of Russia’s recent proposal to work with the United Nations to secure and destroy the Syrian stockpile of chemical weapons, the president announced today that he would like to delay a vote on the Syria resolution and give diplomacy another chance. Reaching an agreement at the United Nations is one thing, but trusting that Syria and Russia will abide by the terms is another matter. Additionally, there remain numerous challenges for the United Nations to secure and destroy these chemical weapons in the midst of a civil war.
“This accidental diplomacy should not be mistaken for a credible plan. The president’s failure to lead over the past five years and communicate a vision for the Middle East region threatens the credibility of our country. To maintain America’s strength and integrity in the world, the president must demonstrate that any U.S. military action in the Middle East is related to a direct national security threat and part of a long-term strategic plan, which the administration has yet to define.”

UPDATE II: Now Rep. Susan Brooks has joined other members of the Republican delegation from Indiana in opposing the Syrian War resolution. It looks like Rep. Luke Messer is the lone member itching for another war.


Flogger said...

Chemical Weapons are the poor country's WMD. It may give a more powerful adversary pause before an invasion. I gather from reading about them, it is not to difficult to obtain the ingredients from a willing seller in the Military-Industrial Complex for chemical weapons.

I understand people are put off by Chemical Weapons. However, if you drop a thousand pound bomb, or series of cluster bombs or Cruise Missiles you are just as dead. Add some depleted uranium to the mix and you have a toxic mess.

I wonder if companies that have radioactive materials see the US Military as a viable waste disposal site. The companies get rid of the waste, and probably in the scheme of things, our government cuts them a check.

You never know these days if Coats is being thoughtful, or just sees this situation as way to stick it to Obama.

Marycatherine Barton said...

I am so proud of Indiana today, noting that nearly all our delegation to the House of Representatives plans to DENY Obama the military authorization he is requesting regarding Syria. As far as NWO Anderson Cooper, I would pay to hear him debate the Syrian Girl, who at her YouTube Channel discusses:

"8 Reasons Why the NWO Hates Syria"

Marycatherine Barton said...

THROUGH OUR ENEMIES EYES, written by Michael Scheuer, a former chief of the CIA Bin Laden unit, should be studied by us and our political establishment, who are almost Marxist. His explanations about its unconscionable behavior, and direct recommendations can be heard on line, under the headline:

"CIA Agent Exposes How Al-Qaeda Doesn't Exist."