Saturday, August 17, 2013

Daddy Mellencamp Won't Make A Good Character Witness For Son

John Mellencamp's two teenage sons, Speck and Hud, along with the teenage son of IU's baseball coach, Ty Smith, face felony battery charges in Monroe County after the three allegedly badly beat another teenager at his home following a party because Speck mistakenly believed that the boy had struck him during an earlier altercation at the party. During an appearance on the David Letterman Show in June, John Mellencamp sported a black eye that he explained his 18-year old son Speck had given him after the two exchanged words. Mellencamp appeared on the show with novelist Stephen King, with whom he collaborated on a project together, "Ghost Brothers of Darkland County," a musical based on a murder that took place at a cabin on Lake Monroe once owned by Mellencamp where a fight between two teenage boys resulted in both dying after some strange twists.


Anonymous said...

Speck and Hud????

They don't sound like Hoosier names....more like street names from The Hood!

Who names their kids like that???

-Their behavior is apparently a clear reflection on their upbringing. As is their Dad's black eye....shown on National TV!!!

Anonymous said...

What nonsense is this? Both kids are adults and responsible for themselves. Besides if we're gonna blame daddy, then don't leave out their airhead model mom Elaine Irwin who had more to do with the way they were raised than Melloncamp.