Sunday, November 13, 2011

Why Liberals Always Resort To Name-Calling?

Liberals profess to be tolerant compared to their conservative counterparts. The truth is that liberals are only tolerant of people with whom they agree. Rather than using civil discourse to debate conservative thought, liberals seem to have an inherent tendency to demonize and demean the human value of their political opponents. If you oppose higher taxes and bigger government, it's because you are a greedy, selfish person. If you oppose affirmative action, it's because you are a racist. If you support enforcement of our immigration laws, you are bigot or a rabid dog. Yep, State Rep. Mara Candelaria-Reardon (D-Hammond) called State Sen. Mike Delph (R-Carmel), author of Indiana's immigration enforcement law, a rabid dog.

Hammond Representative Mara Candelaria-Reardon is one of the leading voices of opposition to Delph’s legislation. She says she does not envision him stopping now, particularly with the success of Alabama’s law.
“Mike Delph is like a rabid dog with this issue and I would be shocked if he didn’t go ahead and do it,” Candelaria-Reardon says. “I mean, he seems to be pretty addicted to the limelight pursuing this legislation has continued to create for him.”
Candelaria-Reardon says she does not think a law as harsh as Alabama’s will ever get through the Indiana General Assembly. Delph says the people of Indiana will ultimately have to decide whether tougher immigration reform is something the legislature needs to address.
To be sure, there are legitimate debating points on the issue of whether states should be getting involved in the immigration debate at all since the U.S. Constitution reserves that power and responsibility to the federal government. It's a fair argument to make, however, that the federal government has done a poor job performing its constitutional duty given the tens of millions who have been able to immigrate to the U.S. illegally, and it's also a fair argument to make that state and local budgets are impacted negatively by illegal immigration.

People can disagree on the answer to any problem with which we are confronted without resorting to name-calling, but if you are a liberal, it's much easier to resort to the demonization of your political counterparts than debate the merits of your argument. That's because they understand a majority of Americans don't accept the merits of their arguments. They seek victory by dividing and conquering. Political correctness is their weapon of choice.

This was best exemplified during the recent Indianapolis mayoral election. The Democrats knew their candidate, Melina Kennedy, was losing to Mayor Greg Ballard in the polls. Their answer to defeating him was to seize on his poor choice of words during a debate with Kennedy where he described African-Americans as "a difficult population." By implication, Democrats characterized Ballard's words in a way to define him as a racist. To be sure, there were plenty of legitimate lines of attack Democrats could have raised against Ballard, but nothing stings more than being labeled a racist. The Democrats know Ballard truly isn't a racist, but that's not the point. The objective is to divide and conquer. That's why U.S. Rep. Andre Carson and other liberals have repeatedly labeled Tea Party supporters as racists. If you can't win on the merits of the debate, let the name-calling begin. It takes much less effort to name call than debate the substance of your arguments.


Marycatherine Barton said...

A representative of Soros funded} is also demonizing the Tea Party on the Boards of, naturally racist being one of the names.

Vox Populi said...

I certainly hope you aren't suggesting that liberals are the only ones who resort to name calling. There is a long history of all sides in politics stooping to it. I can't tell you how many times I've been called a socialist or left-wing nutjob in a disparaging tone.

Even the Election of 1800 saw the supporters of candidates calling the other "son of a whore," etc.

artfuggins said...

For the last 4 years, conservatives have called Obama every name in the book and some that were newly created for him. They have disparaged his wife and family. This is a two way street and I am hoping that you are not suggesting that this only a "liberal" thing. Conservatives are very good at it.

Anonymous said...

If you see thru the Agenda 21 lies you are a Right Wing nutter.

It's okay for Liberals to name call and do bait flaming but if anybody who even hints at being a Republican it's not okay for them to even voice their disagreement.

Welcome to the USSA (United Soviet States of America)

Thanks Liberals!

Anonymous said...

I have never actually seen or heard any Conservative name call Obama.

However I do see Conservatives pointing out the scary facts of Big Brother watching us so if name calling is equal to standing up to Big Brother then yes we LOVE to name call and will continue to point out the errors of big brother.

Yes the quotes against Rush Limbaugh if you really look into it have no merit as non of the Liberals ever provide sources or facts to back them up.

I have listened to him and not once heard name calling however I have heard name calling coming from callers to his show before.

Anonymous said...

If you disagree with them on this issue then you are a.........well they'll think of a dictionary name to call you and defame you.

You can't reason with them because you are not as crazy as they are so therefore none of us can figure out their mind set.

They have powers in high places that we can't even see. The Democratic Party is just a front and a distraction on purpose.

Anonymous said...

Demobots need to just stuff it or put their money where their mouth is.