Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Two Prosecutors Named To Independently Investigate Charlie White

Charlie White's fortunes took a turn for the worse as Hamilton Co. Prosecutor Sonia Leerkamp announced the appointed of two independent special prosecutors to look into vote fraud allegations against him concerning his residency while he served as a member of the Fishers town council. John Dowd, a Republican and former Warren County prosecutor, as the lead prosecutor and Daniel Sigler, a Democrat and former Adams County prosecutor, as Dowd's assistant have been approved by a Hamilton County judge. "If the two disagree, Dowd would have the authority to make the decision, but Sigler would have the chance to object, Wehmueller" told the Star's Carrie Ritchey.

You may recall Sigler served as a special prosecutor in the campaign finance case of Ft. Wayne Republican mayoral candidate Matt Kelty that led to his conviction on felony campaign finance charges. Sigler proved he is a very thorough investigator, and I highly doubt he would stand by and let the Republican Dowd sweep the White case under the rug if he thinks the law was violated. His participation in the case must scare the hell out of White. By comparison, Marion Co. Prosecutor Carl Brizzi has repeatedly appointed former Monroe County Prosecutor Barry Brown to serve as special prosecutor in such cases here. Critics have dubbed Brown's investigation the "Brown Hole" because the cases simply disappear once they are turned over to him or are badly botched such as was the case he brought against former City-County Councilor Ron Gibson for assaulting an Indianapolis police officer.

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Marycatherine Barton said...

I hope that all this publicity against Charlie White's candidacy for Secretary of State will at least help any third party candidate for that office, get enough votes to gain its party voter ballot status for the next four years.