Friday, December 01, 2006

Shine Seeks Protective Order Against Wife

In a bizarre twist to a domestic dispute between Allen Co. GOP Chairman Steve Shine and his wife, Beth, the Fort Wayne News-Sentinel reports that Shine filed for a protective order against his wife this week barring her from the couple's home or from coming near him. The paper writes today:

Nearly three weeks after police responded to a 911 call from his house to investigate an alleged domestic battery, Allen County Republican Party Chairman Steve Shine has filed for a protective order against his wife.

Shine, a family law attorney, filed the order Tuesday against Laura Beth Shine, according to Allen Superior Court documents. Shine, 54, declined comment, and his wife could not be reached for comment.

The protective order says Beth Shine, 51, must stay away from her husband and the Shines’ home in southwest Allen County. A hearing is scheduled Dec. 21 on the matter.

According to Indiana State Police, on Nov. 9, Shine reached into the car his wife was driving and tried to grab the key from the ignition but it broke off. He said no physical abuse took place. The findings of the state police’s investigation have been sent to Allen County Prosecutor Karen Richards but have not been released. She has asked for a special prosecutor to decide whether criminal charges will be filed against Shine.

The News-Sentinel reported earlier this week that Shine's wife, Beth, was recanting earlier claims he had committed domestic battery against her. Quoting Steve Shine, the paper reported: “That’s all I can tell you at this time.” Shine said the incident was the result of “frayed nerves” over a disagreement with his wife. But, he said, no domestic violence occurred. Shine said his wife has since recanted any allegation of physical abuse.


Anonymous said...

Sorry, I don't care what people are doing in their houses. If you have a problem take care of it. Get restraining orders, get divorced, do whatever but I am more concerned what elected officials are doing FOR ME. Is it a wonder why anyone would run for an office in this country? WHO could with stand any scrutinity?

"Let he without sin cast the first stone."

Anonymous said...

You mean like the stones that the GOP and the hypochristians have been throwing at the GLBT community for the last 6 yrs?

Anonymous said...

The more interesting part of this is the weird and incompetent efforts at cover-up by Allen County. Check out this:

and this:

Or if the links don't work just go to and start reading.

Anonymous said...

Sadly, the folks who work in domestic violence cases will tell you this is the norm.

Except, in this case, it appears the parties are wealthy. The overwhelming majority of thesse cases occur in homes of marginal incomes, or, even, poverty.

Add housing/monetary woes to the mix, and it just gets messier. The Shines appear to be able to afford the best legal help available, and the best of other services, also. Let's hope they take advantage of it.

The household income angle is important. In most cases, housing and sheer existence hang in the balance if one party throws another party out. So, for the sake of home and food, an abused spouse (often, but not always, the woman) recants. To save the necessities of life. Charges get dropped. But the abuse continues, often emboldened and more harsh.

The political side of this bothers me none. In fact, it gets in the way. This is an all-too-familiar human tragedy playing itself out on a very public stage. Sadly.

Keep all victims of domestic violence in your prayers. They need it.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to disappoint you lori, it doesn't matter to me if someone is gay or not.

It is easy to throw around accusations, they are not always justified. I have no problems if it is legit but in today's world, once you accuse someone they never get their name cleared - even when they are innocent. It is on the front page when something happens and buried in section Z in one line when you are cleared.

Anonymous said...

Here's a standard that even Christians don't live up to: The Ten Commandments.

Anonymous said...

This story is interesting because it is an attorney who is claiming he needs protection from his wife.

This is a family law attorney.

I am surprised that more folks are not concerned about how to address issues of violence in the home.

The ex-parte order of protection described two incidents that Mr. Shine felt were threatening coming from his wife and one of the incident involved an email message. the other incident involved an ashtray, thrown objects and a radio turned up loud.

John Good said...

I'VE been blasted for reporting this story, before the local media cared to touch it. It's NEWS, people. Sorry for you that in the day and age of the blog, it will NOT get buried due to the status of the alleged perp. . .

Anonymous said...

curious inst it that the links mentioned in this post - the democrats; and the fort wayne media- - well- lo and behold- the links have been scrubbed. POOF!
you would think a stoyr about the highly vocal and visible gop chairman would be kept in the historical record, rather than scrubbed/airbrushed fro history like some stalinist state run media outlet. just saying..