Sunday, October 02, 2005

Boy Scouts Say No To Gay Father

Indianapolis Star columnist Ruth Holladay writes today about the problems an Indianapolis gay father has in participating in his son's activities in the Boy Scouts, which has a policy of discrimination towards gays. Holladay writes: "[Dave] Wendling came home from the meeting and told his partner, Rog Hayes, that he had volunteered as a leader. Hayes immediately 'raised red flags,' reminding Wendling of the BSA's refusal to allow gays. The next day, Wendling called Mike Cimarossa, the dad in charge of the recruitment meeting, and told him he was gay. Cimarossa called Scout officials. Although personally supportive, Cimarossa said, he had to give Wendling the word: He could not lead the troop. He could not even attend an upcoming overnight event at school with his son."

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