Sunday, October 02, 2005

DeLay Explains Why He Is Not A Crook

Exiled House Majority Leader ventured over to "friendly" FOX News for an interview with Chris Wallace this morning in an effort to rehabilitate his sagging image following his indictment for criminal conspiracy to violate Texas' ban on corporate contributions for state candidates. Based upon his embarrassing performance, Republicans should be wishing him away sooner rather than later before he does even more damage to the party. Here's a sampling of some of his pathetic answers to Wallace:

  • On the indictment: This is a frivolous indictment. I am indicted just for the reason to make me step aside as majority leader. This is politics at its sleaziest. (And who would know more about sleaze than Tom DeLay)
  • On being leader: I think I will go back to be majority leader. (And Roy Blunt's saying dream on Tommy)
  • On his continued prominent role in the House GOP leadership: I wouldn't call it "run the show." I call it working together to get our agenda done (And watching my back)
  • On corporate money from Texas sent to the RNC with a list of 7 Texas Republican candidates attached who later received money from another RNC account: I don't know if it happened or not . . . probably so, but let me tell you that this is an open and transparent process. Both Democrats and Republicans do it. (Yeah--that excuse always worked with your parents)
  • On being a crook: I did nothing wrong. I did nothing wrong. I broke no laws. I broke no rules of the House (And I've never told a lie)
  • On his three previous run-ins with the House Ethics Committee: Admonishments are not sanctions handed out for violating the rules of the House . . . An admonishment's like a warning ticket (And so how many times do you get to violate House ethics rules before you finally strike out?)
  • On his indicted friend, lobbyist Jack Abramoff: Jack Abramoff was a friend. I have no clue what the inner workings of his office and everything else is going to--I don't ask a lobbyist to come talk to me about something and then grill them on how their operations run in town (Not so according to many K Street lobbyists who complain that DeLay has tried to dictate to them that they must hire favored Republicans as lobbyists in order to conduct business in the House)
  • On his golfing junket to Scotland courtesy of Jack Abramoff: I'm involved in the conservative movement overseas, too. I went there to meet with Margaret Thatcher and other high-ranking officials talking and working with them on how the conservative party can get back into power. Sure, I enjoy myself. Am I supposed to be limited? I can't go to the play that is right down the street? I can't play golf? Golf is the only thing I do for myself. I love golf. I can't play golf while I'm there? I can't take an afternoon off and play golf? (Sure you did Tom--keep talking)

The conservative Manchester Union Leader as Wallace pointed out in his interview with DeLay summed it up quite well in an editorial this week: "DeLay is an embarrassment as a majority leader. His mania for power and disregard for good government reflect poorly on all Republicans." It's time for Republicans to say good-bye to Tom DeLay for good.


Anonymous said...

Greg Garrison agrees with you-he told Dan Burton and Mike Sodrel during his talk show this morning that the Republicans should dump DeLay

Advance Indiana said...

Update: A newly convened Texas grand jury indicted DeLay today on additional charges of money laundering,which carry a tougher penalty than the original criminal conspiracy charges.;_ylt=Aq6Z7QqSeCQ4IMaRAW7W8cus0NUE;_ylu=X3oDMTA2Z2szazkxBHNlYwN0bQ--

Kay said...

"Even if Boss DeLay leaves, his legacy stays," said James A. Thurber, director of congressional studies at American University.

Do tell, what real change will occur if house republicans finally stop the DeLay and give him the boot??