Saturday, February 06, 2016

The Cover Up Is Always Worse Than The Crime

Michael Felger seems to get what others in the media are missing about the Peyton Manning/HGH story. Complete story here. For those of you reading this blog from outside the state of Indiana, please be advised that our law enforcement is blocking an investigation of the clinic at the center of this controversy. Please bring pressure to bare for answers from our law enforcement officials, specifically our Attorney General Greg Zoeller, who is now running for Congress. Our news media is more interested in protecting the Indianapolis Colts and their beloved Peyton Manning than learning the truth of this matter.
The Manning clan with convicted Ponzi schemer Tim Durham, Carl Brizzi and Shannon Frantz in the Bahamas after 2007 Super Bowl in Miami


Anonymous said...

Yes, the cover-up is often worse than the crime. Why do I begin to think... as in the "Park Tudor Scandal"???

And why do I begin to think... even more crooked, corrupt, law-breaking ATTORNEYS involved with Peyton Manning's story... just like "Park Tudor".

Lastly, hey, Peyton, be a Man, for crying out loud, and TELL THE TRUTH. Just because we non-multimillionaires are not one percenters like you does not mean we are stupid.

Flogger said...

The wagons are circling just like they did when Isray got stopped.

Anonymous said...

And what exactly is happening at Ball State?

It's President resigned right in the middle of a multi-year contract. The reason given was not convincing. Next, two independent Trustees resigned right in the middle of their terms. Wow. Again, no convincing reason given.

What's going on Cardinals?

Is this our next cover up at an educational institution?

Anonymous said...

And how far up does the scandal go? Did Manning alone seek treatment at the clinic or was he sent there by the Colt's organization?

Gary R. Welsh said...

And that's the reason Greg Zoeller is blocking an investigation of the clinic. Manning threw down immediately, laying responsibility for his treatments at the clinic with the Colts organization. He made it clear he received treatments at the clinic based on the recommendation of, and supervision by, the Colts organization. It's no accident that Manning made that point clear in his initial denial.

Guest said...

Seems to me that Manning was not playing football but was under a doctors care for this neck injury. If they gave him HGH for healing -so what- he was not a hidden user of it while playing the game and if he is currently he would be detected by the team doctors or whoever monitors these things now that he is and has been an active player for the Broncos. Just saying, there seems to be some snarky animosity toward Manning by you all.