Saturday, February 27, 2016

At Least 1,818 Classified E-Mails On Clinton Server At Last Count

The ease with which the Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton lies to the American public is quite remarkable. Nowhere is her pathological tendencies more apparent than her repeated insistence that her private e-mail server, which she used as her official e-mail account while serving in the highly-sensitive position as Secretary of State, contained no classified e-mails. She looked the family members of the Americans killed in Benghazi in the eyes and lied to them about what happened to their loved ones. When called on the carpet for those lies, she never flinches in defending her actions, which by all appearances were calculated to make sure the indefensible covert operations of the Americans based there remained just that no matter how many lies she has to tell.

Clinton has stood by the "no classified material" on her e-mail server lie even as the total count of classified e-mails found on her server have reached 1,818 in number to date of the 30,000 e-mails under review by the State Department. At least 22 of those classified e-mails have been categorized as "top secret." Under court order obtained through a public records lawsuit, the State Department has been releasing e-mail not considered classified in drips and drabs for months now. The mainstream media acts as if this is no big deal, and certainly no impediment to her becoming president of the United States.

As a practicing attorney, I have absolutely no respect for the Justice Department run by Barack Obama's administration. Never before in the history of our country have people so filthy and corrupt been put in charge of the Justice Department. Yes, Eric Holder was/is much more corrupt than John Mitchell was during the Nixon administration. This is the guy who was in charge of selling pardons at the end of Bill Clinton's presidency. He became a very wealthy attorney at a big Washington law firm for all of the dirty dealing he did in the Clinton Justice Department, which would have landed any ordinary attorney in prison and led to his disbarment from the practice of law for the rest of their life. Republican senators committed an unforgivable act when they went along with the confirmation of Holder, who populated the department with people who are unfit to practice law.

I have no reason at this point to believe Loretta Lynch is any more honest than Holder. She quite obviously is blocking an indictment of Hillary Clinton for political reasons over the objections of the FBI's top investigators on the case. This administration has aggressively prosecuted others for mishandling classified information, but the laws that apply to everyone else never seem to apply to the Clinton criminal syndicate. which is what it is. Not only should Hillary be indicted, but Bill Clinton and other persons involved in the racketeering activities of the Clinton Foundation facilitated by Hillary and her top aides while she was at the Department also should be indicted. That's to say nothing of Bill escaping punishment for being a serial rapist, having sex with underage girls at billionaire Jeffrey Epstein's private island resort in the Caribbean and just overall being a sadist towards any females with whom engages in sexual relationships while living a lie that he and Hillary are a happily married couple. Democratic leaders are only bothered by the sexual abuse of women and children when it's being committed by one of their political opponents. In a perverted way, they've always admired Bill's ability to engage in criminal sex acts with impunity.

I understand that a lot of establishment Republicans are upset about the prospects of a Donald Trump becoming the party's nominee, but I'm more bothered by their lack of outrage that Democrats are going to nominate someone so thoroughly corrupt and dishonest as Clinton as their nominee. The clear indication I'm getting from Republican establishment figures is that they will gladly support Clinton over Trump, and I can't accept that. If we aren't approaching the end times of this nation, I don't know how worse of a country we could possibly become before God unleashes his fury on us. It used to be said that the greatness of America is the goodness of America. I'm not seeing a whole lot of goodness left among the people we've entrusted to run our nation. I am, however, seeing a whole lot of evil and it's more than I can tolerate.


Anonymous said...

Your last paragraph says it all. It will take miraculous intervention from divine providence to rescue this once great nation from total obliteration. Lord have mercy on the good souls. I am glad my folks are gone and don't have to witness the demise. They deserved better.

Pete Boggs said...

Amen brother Welsh.

Anonymous said...

Allow me to cast my "Amen!" your way, Gary. Like Anon 8:36, I agree your final paragraph is a succinct, accurate portrayal of this once-great Nation under career Democrats AND crony Republicans wholly concerned with "party" and "self" rather than with 'the people' under the US Constitution.

America is no longer a nation of laws but a nation of men. We see it nationally in the Debbie Wasserman-Schultz/DNC engineered victory of the utterly immoral, amoral, unethical, lawless, pathological liar Hillary Rodham Clinton. We see it in the media where Rupert's FOX News and Roger Ailes colluded with Hannity and O'Reilly (and Megyn Kelly?) to lie to the American people about Marco Rubio's role to sell the Gang of Eight's illegal amnesty scam. We see it locally in the thoroughly corrupt Marion County and State GOP who allowed corrupt bought-and-paid-for-crooks like Greg Ballard to use political office for personal gain.

The Country is unraveling. The people see it. The career politicians and the corporate interests are fools.

Anonymous said...

After reading your report, I came across a Breitbart news story about a very recent interview that summed up what I've felt in my gut for a long time. It sure seems it does not matter if it is the lying Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, pathological Hillary Rodham Clinton, Bernie Sanders... the America we used to have no longer exists because career establishment Democrats AND Republicans already sold this Nation down the river through international pacts we have little idea or understanding about and which are in place.

Rubio and Cruz, like HRC [and her despicable husband Bill Clinton with his anti-American worker NAFTA scam] colluded with the extremist Democrats to sell America down the river.

Voting is now an exercise in futility, an activity the "establishment" Democrats AND Republicans use to make the people believe that participatory government exists, and it does not.

MUST LISTEN: Stephen Miller Makes Case Against Marco Rubio in Epic Rant

Paul K. Ogden said...

You don't exactly have to be part of the GOP establishment to be highly skeptical of Trump's sudden transition from being a very liberal Democrat to being a conservative Republican. Nonetheless, this development with the emails underscores why we need a candidate who has "clean hands" (to use a legal term) to take on Hillary Clinton in the Fall. As a friend of the Clintons, as someone who has given money to Hillary Clinton's campaigns, including her presidential campaign in 2008, who has given money to the Clinton Foundation and has his own ethical cloud with the fraud lawsuits against Trump University and other issues, Trump simply is not that person.

Gary R. Welsh said...

Paul, It seems your problem is with Republican voters, not Trump. There were a lot of choices this year and none of them figured out a message that resonated with voters the way Trump has succeeded in doing. My personal favorite going into this election was Rand Paul, but he was horrible in the debates and showed no confidence in his ability to win by simultaneously changing election rules in Kentucky so he could both run for re-election and seek the presidency at the same time, which was a real turn off to me. None of the others fared much better. Trump is the only one who tapped into the discontent many voters have towards their government and politicians today. Maybe he's insincere, but his unfiltered messaging seems to be controlled by nobody but himself, good or bad.

Flogger said...

As a Bernie Sanders supporter I must agree that $hillary has certainly received a "pass" from the McMega-Media. Some how the Democratic Base is being lead around by the nose by the Democratic Establishment. How do you convince Main Street and Poor Street Democrats $hillary has your back??? I can understand the DNC and Democratic Establishment lining up with $hillary, they are wholly owned subsidiaries of the Clinton Money Machine.

$hillary has been manufactured, assembled and marketed by the Wall Street-Security-Military-Industrial Complex. It is no secret $hillary and Bill Clinton have taken millions in speaking fees. Yet $hillary who professes to run an open honest campaign refuses to release transcripts of her speeches. (Shades of Nixon and his tapes.) She deflects this lack of transparency and the Pressitutes accept it.
Sanders has been a speed bump, forcing her to slow down, flip flop and defend her ties to Wall Street and the 1%. The Democratic Base seems to accept this Magic Act of duplicity.
The Democrats in this state like Carson, Donnelly and Gregg, have been silent on the cause of Carrier's relocation to Mexico. NAFTA is the cause but since Bill Clinton signed on to it, these DINOs cannot say so.

The E-Mail issues will get the same treatment the Wall Street fraud has been dealt with by the Obama Justice Department, Too Big to Fail, Too Big to Jail.

Committee: HILLARY VICTORY FUND has some breath taking amounts. All in the name of "Good Government" because we love Democracy.

Anonymous said...

I laugh raucously at the notion pathological liar Hillary Rodham Clinton is a powerhouse candidate with her coronation as "unstoppable" in an alleged juggernaut landslide. And all that is against an outlier, aging old Socialist coot who is probably more healthy than she and who probably was "allowed" to run because being so far outside the mainstream the Democrats could only end up going to her. This wretch is the very best the Democrat Party can put in front of our crumbling Nation?!?

If it were not for all the insider political rules changed to favor this Liar, if it were not for that dishonest political creep extremist liberal Democrat Debbie Wasserman-Schultz who contorted the process to keep Martin O'Malley out as a candidate... Hillary Rodham Clinton would be in a Kasich-like position.

This parasite is paid tens of thousands in trans-national corporate and sovereign government pay-offs for her and dastardly Bill's connections and insider help. This waste of human flesh counsels Goldman Sachs, takes tens of thousands from her beloved Wall Street- and is allowed to keep her comments to Goldman Sachs private?? The only way for this hateful old gal to "win" is to prostitute the Democrat Party system in order to create the illusion of her win.

God Help America; the Country is drowning in corruption and systemic political disease.

Anonymous said...

Hillary Clinton is corrupt. Nothing she says can be believed. This video of her email matter puts it into perspective. Lies. Propaganda. In the style of the single person more evil than she is....

Video of Hillary Clinton email put in accurate perspective.