Thursday, June 11, 2015

Sex Slave Partner Of IMPD Officer Died From Chloroform Inhalation Coroner's Report Says

The death of Aaron Barnes, the 34-year old man found dead inside the home of IMPD Officer Gregory Slaven, has been ruled an accidental death according to a Marion Co. Coroner's report obtained by the Indianapolis Star. The autopsy report says Barnes died from inhalation of concentrated chloroform. Slaven was later found dead in that same home on May 25. His death is still under investigation.

Police sources contacted Advance Indiana soon after Barnes' death, raising concerns of a police cover up of Barnes' death, which was not reported on by the media until Officer Slaven's death. Sources told Advance Indiana that Barnes had been discovered in the home bound and wearing a chloroform mask. A police report released to others in the media, which IMPD refused to release to Advance Indiana, said police recovered used duct tape, chloroform and an unknown liquid substance from the home as part of the investigation.

IMPD Chief Rick Hite told the Indianapolis Star prior to Officer Slaven's death that he was not under investigation concerning Barnes' death. That story changed following his death when IMPD acknowledged he he had been placed on administrative leave pending the outcome of an investigation. Only Advance Indiana reported that Officer Slaven had complained on social media that he had been required to be drug tested three days after Barnes' body was recovered from his home. Police sources wondered why the department waited three days to test Slaven.

Voluminous social media posts of the two men depicted Barnes, who also went by "Aaron Slaven" as being in a slave-like relationship with Officer Slaven. Police sources complained to Advance Indiana that many of the sexually provocative photos and material posted on the Internet violated IMPD's code of conduct. In one post, Slaven shared an image of a penis cake he suggested sending to Gov. Mike Pence in protest of the governor's decision to sign Indiana's RFRA legislation into law. At least one other man, who used the name "Steve Slaven," claimed on social media a similar relationship with Officer Slaven.


Anonymous said...

The media's lack of inquisitiveness about this case is very disturbing.

Anonymous said...

As an out LGBT person, I can tell you my opinion why our local print and broadcast media will not touch this story. This episode in all its sad truth utterly devastates the left of center liberal Democrat narrative regarding LGBT relationships and issues. I've seen the bizarre Slaven photos and I've read the comments Officer Slaven posted on is social media and as a gay guy this sure as heck does not look like "love" or even respect for basic human dignity to me. The heteros have their own fifty shades of grey episodes and I therefore have little time for the sanctimonious hypocrisy I find from their quarters virtually everywhere. The point is this tragedy deserves far more attention and I also believe local media are just too chicken-sh*t to offer the truth because it just might offend someone.

Gary R. Welsh said...

Well said, anon. 11:07. The media has endless amounts of time to find ways of talking about RFRA and the First Church of Cannabis, but it ignores real newsworthy stories like this one. If this story was about a straight police officer and a dead gay man, the news coverage would be 24 x 7. The story doesn't fit the preferred message so they just won't talk about it.

Anonymous said...

Be honest. You love this shit. Gay intrigue. Dead guy. Conspiracy theories. Isn't this just the kind of stuff you salivate over when you talk about Obama and Rahm Emmanuel's "gay lifetime memberships" in Man's Country and such. Just a little dirty Peyton Place for overactive imaginations. The reality is sad and bleak, so why not juice it up. A drug overdose at home. Followed by the suicide of his partner. Bleak, but not criminal. Drool all you want over their leather outfits. But I don't find it that newsworthy. The cops looked into it. Not much to see. Slaven may have crossed a line or two professionally, but so have dozens of other cops this year. The story eventually made the papers, and the tv news. Mostly the guys were liked and well thought of at work and in their friendships. The police found nothing further to investigate. If you can't handle the underground lifestyle stop looking at the images. And if you think the master slave concept of role playing is shocking, you don't get out much.

Pete Boggs said...

Anon 11:39: Your irrational defensiveness is somehow personal & not logical. The story is unfortunately tragic & newsworthy- two policeman are dead! If chloroform is a controlled substance, there's a criminal issue; in addition to inappropriate social media of public employees.

No one in their right mind wants tragedy for someone else or to read about it. This blog didn't fabricate or "juice up" those events, it confirms that which has been reported by police & the coroner; better reporting than most, albeit tragic. Some news is unfortunately tragic.

Gary R. Welsh said...

There's only one policeman dead, Pete. Barnes was not a police officer.

Anonymous said...

"And if you think the master slave concept of role playing is shocking, you don't get out much."

I get out a lot. I never see anyone's partner in a cage. I usually just talk nicely to the wife to get her in the mood. Never thought of getting a jug of chloroform, though it would cut down on foreplay.

Anonymous said...

How does someone give them selves an over dose of chloroform while they are bound with duck tape??????

Someone gave caused Aaron Barnes' death and that person very well may be found criminally responsible, as they should be held accountable.

This is not about two consenting adults involved in BDSM, Slaven was very public about his leather interest & in today society who cares what consenting adults do, as long as it doesn't cause unconsentual bodily harm.

In this case, it cause a death.

You may not liket his post, but someone needed to be held accountable for another person's death. Is this why Slaven killed himself?

Pete Boggs said...

Thank you for the correction GW. The story is no less newsworthy or unfortunate.

It's doubtful that Anon 11:39 would dismiss your recent report about a policeman allegedly hurting his wife & putting her in the hospital; a policeman publicly placed on leave. Where's the sense of proportion considering Slaven's friend was found dead, etc., etc.

Anonymous said...

Aaron wasn't found bound in duct tape, and he wasn't in a cage. He was alone, masturbating in bed, using chloroform in what he thought were limited amounts to increase his high, while his partner was at work. It was an accident. The fact that duct tape was found in the room has blown out of proportion, but Aaron wasn't bound in any way. And unlike the heterosexual cop arrested for beating his wife, Aaron's tragic death was an accidental self inflicted drug overdose, and the two scenarios are not similar at all. Officer Slaven loved Aaron, and his accidental death caused him such personal loss that he took his own life. Comparing him to a wife beater is shallow.

Anonymous said...


If your facts are true, that closes the case and lets Slaven off the hook. Why weren't these facts forthcoming, weeks ago?

Pete Boggs said...

If chloroform is a controlled substance (please correct if not the case), it's use in the home of a policeman would alone be news; again, however unfortunate.

Anonymous said...


Chloroform is not a controlled substance. You can hop online right now and buy it from the lab depot.

Melyssa Hubbard said...

R.A.C.K. = Risk Aware Consensual Kink

I've never been a fan of it and most kinksters don't do that kind of edge play. But it's out there. Many in BDSM societies take no issue with edge play and think it's moral (and sane) as long as both parties consent. I suppose it could be argued that it's no more dangerous than race car driving or sky diving.

What kink societies won't talk about is how much sexual abuse, violence and other psychological drivers are in the the backgrounds of practitioners. I was around those societies off and on for years. And while there are a few perfectly great people within them, by and large I've run into the most dysfunctional people in those circles I've ever met.

For anyone who wants to know more about underground kink societies, read my book, Spanking City Hall. In it, I candidly discuss 'the scene' in Indy as it existed during the years I was active.

In no way shape or form would I perform any type of edge play although I was sometimes offered huge sums of money to do so. I always turned down the work.

I am sure these two men loved each other deeply and I'm very saddened by the news of their deaths.

Pete Boggs said...

Not that you don't have it right Anon 2:39, but I'd like GW to weigh in as well. However, it would occur to any bonafide journalist that an overdose of even a legal substance resulting in death in the home of a policeman would be news; again, albeit tragic.