Monday, June 29, 2015

Prosecutor Files More Charges Against Driver Of Car Involved In Police Action Shooting

Matthew Cole, the 41-year old man driving a car in which a passenger was shot and killed by an IMPD officer last week following a brief police chase, is now facing more serious charges according to Marion Co. criminal court records. Police initially charged Cole with resisting law enforcement and operating a vehicle without a driver's license. He now faces felony charges for possession of an altered gun and two felony charges for possession of less than 5 grams of meth and possession of narcotic drug possession less than 5 grams as an enhancement crime. He also faces three misdemeanor charges for possession of a handgun without a license and an infraction for possession of paraphernalia.

A 34-year old Huntington man, Joshua Dyer, was shot and killed by an IMPD officer following a brief chase after a police officer attempted to question Cole, whose car was reportedly parked illegally in Washington Park. Cole drove away rather than answer the officer's questions. After a short pursuit, Cole's car proceeded down an alley in a residential neighborhood. The car came to a stop after Cole's car plowed through two backyard fences. Cole initially exited his vehicle, facing three officers with their weapons drawn. He reportedly got back in the vehicle and put it in reverse, moving towards the officers, at which time one of the officers fired shots into the car, killing Dyer instantly. The police officer involved in the shooting has not been identified.


Anonymous said...

If only Mr. Cole were Brad Butler (butler toyota), Prosecutor Quisling Curry would let him walk, "Yup, just go on about your way, sorry to bother you".

Or if the driver of that car were Page Byers (that chick who drove drunk and killed 2 people on Geist) Curry would just slap her on the wrist and let her go.

Terry Curry, you are incompetent, you are a quisling and you should be ashamed of yourself.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Just... wow. My take from this report is that Dyer is pursued by our militarized police force [an appropriate descriptor in the modern American society] and then Cole is pursued upon the excuse (there, I said it) that he is illegally parked. Right...

I don't blame Cole for running. I'd run under the same circumstances. Our police don't so much scare "criminals" to death as they scare "citizens" to death with their ability to do what they want when they want. Common experience holds that judges will believe a cop over a citizen when it's "my word vs your word"... doesn't matter that there's a possibility the police state is not truthful.

And why has the officer involved in the Dyer shooting not been identified? There are more cover-ups under Indianapolis Police Chief Rick Hite than there are at Merle Norman cosmetic re-do events.

Anonymous said...

Common tactic. When the cops screw up, excessively charge everyone else to take the focus away from the cops.

Curry should be ashamed.