Sunday, May 31, 2015

Indiana's Senators Don't Support The Fourth Amendment, Want Patriot Act Renewed

Not that this will surprise long-time Advance Indiana readers, but both of our state's U.S. Senators, Dan Coats (R) and Joe Donnelly (D), prove their unwillingness to uphold the Constitution of the United States which they took an oath to uphold when they were sworn into office. They both want to renew the misnamed Patriot Act so government agencies can continue to capture in bulk our most personal records and sift through those records, all without first obtaining a warrant from a court based upon probable cause. Despite the explosion in the growth of the military/industrial complex and the accompanying unwarranted spying on American citizens following the passage of the Patriot Act after 9/11, there is no demonstrable proof that the law has achieved any of its objectives.

Isn't it ironic the federal government can sniff out hush money former House Speaker Dennis Hastert paid to keep nearly 40-year old misdeeds having nothing to do with national security quiet, but it couldn't detect supposed terrorist inclinations of two young Chechen immigrants brought to this country by the son-in-law of a high-ranking member of the CIA and whom at least one foreign government had warned our government posed a terrorist threat? Federal law enforcement officials didn't even bother to look into how Speaker Hastert managed to grow his personal wealth of $270,000 when he entered Congress into an estate worth somewhere between $7 and $11 million when he left public service two decades later. Sen. Dan Coats had virtually nothing when he entered Congress but is now a multi-millionaire just like former Sen. Evan Bayh. Sen. Donnelly had trouble paying his taxes before he got elected to Congress. His financial problems magically disappeared once he joined the world's most exclusive club. I think it's clear our Members of Congress breach their duty to uphold the Constitution because they are either bought off or blackmailed. Perhaps Hastert's indictment last week was a warning from the Obama administration of just how far his administration is willing to go to convince lawmakers that it's not in their best interest to challenge King Obama's ability to rule by fiat.

Watch as Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) explains why he is spending his Sunday on the floor of the U.S. Senate fighting our senators and others of their ilk to protect our sacred constitutional rights. Disturbingly, Sen. Paul is being vilified by President Obama and members of both political parties and the mainstream media for standing up for your sacred constitutional rights. Welcome to Nazi Germany.


Anonymous said...

You are correct, Gary, this is no surprise to those of us who can think, although I expected as much from liberal Democrat hack Donnelly. Coats is a carpetbagger who made himself a multimillionaire with all his so-called "public service". I've viewed this hick at GOP meetings and State Conventions and he is a real piece of work. I noted that moron and super-idiot John McCain stated that Rand Paul "doesn't know the rules of the Senate" referring to Rand Paul's perfect campaign to defeat portions of the intentionally misnamed "Patriot Act". John McCain has no sense, obviously does not understand the US Constitution he vowed to uphold, and is the one America can point to as the clueless RINO who gave us socialist Barak Obama in 2008. Perhaps one day Arizona will get a spine and remove this liberal Democrat-lite fool from the US Senate.

Anonymous said...

Regarding America and "Welcome to Nazi Germany"- that is accurate more than most Americans understand or care to admit. It is perfectly acceptable for leftist liberal Democrats to call George Bush "Hitler" but listen to the liberal Democrats unfairly malign Rand Paul as he stands to protect the few remaining freedoms we enjoy... and even those are in peril. Joe Donnelly, John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Dan Coats- among the most RINO Establishment Crony Republicans you can name and can often hardly distinguish them from their left liberal Democrat pals.

America has been slowly transformed over the last century from a bastion of personal freedom and place to be master of one's own destiny to a country under the thumb of socialist laws more beneficial to the permanent political class than to the everyday citizen the liberal Democrats and RINO establishment Republicans lie that they "care" for. Tell your average citizen (legal citizen, that is) that they actually reside in a land more aligned with Hitler's evil Third Reich than Locke and Montesquieu inspired early United States and you will get deer in headlamp eyes. You can bring low information people out of their daze, however, if you mention crass, mass, programming (there's a perfect word) like "So You Think You Can Dance?" or the total inanity of the ongoing sewer about Keeping Up With the Kartrashians.

Pete Boggs said...

A majority of the elected suffer an unhealthy consumption or perverse preoccupation with voyeurism; their insecurity cloaked as "national security." Where there is high browed, dismissive defense posturing of sophistication & complexity; there is lowly, statist fraud.

Flogger said...

I watched part of Rand Paul's speech yesterday. Rand Paul's controlled, concise comments contrast sharply with the near hysterical warnings of impeding doom by the Fascists in the Government elected and appointed. The Mega-Media for the most part is presenting this as we have to make the choice to limit our Rights in order to preserve security. Our country as whole must decide if we truly value the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and the words in the Declaration of Independence or not. Senator Paul alluded to several times James Clapper who lied to Congress but still has his job. Snowden must remain in exile.

I do not think we are like Nazi Germany. We are Fascist though. We still have elections and parties unlike Nazi Germany. We have two political parties but they are controlled by the 1%, via their Campaign Contributions. We have a Mega-Media which decides what are the important issues we shall hear or read about. The Mega-Media also decides who is a viable candidate.

Americans are provided an illusion of freedom. We can choose between various soft drinks, beer or different national chain hamburgers, etc. We can also post on Face book about how the system is screwing us. However, if we really want to change the trajectory of the political system you will fail. All the levers are controlled and in the hands of the 1%.

It is interesting here the USA the Home of the Free and the Land of the Brave, we a prison population that jails people on an industrial scale.

Incarceration rate (Prisoners per 100,000 population)
USA second highest at 707. By way of contrast Canada's rate is 118. France is 103, Germany's is 78.

Anonymous said...

"They both want to renew to misnamed Patriot Act..."

It's USA PATRIOT Act. Not "Patriot Act."
Full name:
Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism Act of 2001

Get it? And, no I do not support it.