Friday, May 22, 2015

Ballard Loses It When Questioned About Illegal Vision Fleet Contract

Mayor Greg Ballard in typical fashion shows his backside when asked a question he doesn't want to answer about that controversial Vision Fleet lease agreement. Of course he broke multiple laws in ordering his administration to award a no-bid, 7-year, $32 million contract to his political cronies. Until this man is hauled out of the City-County Building in handcuffs and held to account for the multiple public crimes he has committed while in office, taxpayers have every reason to be weary of what he'll do with their tax dollars before his term runs out at the end of this year.


Anonymous said...

BALLARD is not a man of Honor!

What a WEASEL. Liz Gelardi doesn't realize Balless Ballard doesn't have to answer to the little people. His actions now shown on TV makes it CLEAR he knowingly broke the law.

How do you Recall this moron?

Keep dogging him LIZ!!!!

Anonymous said...

OK, Ballard, we believe YOU ARE A CROOK!

All evidence points to illegal contract by cronies.

Anonymous said...

Ballard and his NO-BID CONTRACTS are spell NY Corruption in every way....Regional Operations Center, Criminal Justice Center, Eastgate.


No-bid contract for ELECTRIC CARS at $70+/each???? He is blowing taxpayer money on his cronies...MARK MILES, of Hulman & CO (Indy 500) are you listening?
-What is Mark Miles (corrupt) interest in Vision Fleet???

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Mark Miles, I talked to an office person at the Speedway, who states, Mark Miles is contemplating a run for the Governor!
this person also stated, Miles his hated by everyone in the Hulman office!

Anonymous said...

Greg Ballard runs from the disinfectant of the light of day more quickly than a little girl skips and hops a school yard jump rope game. A real man would stand on two solid feet and answer questions while calmly taking the heat he himself turned up when breaking laws. How this guy who by the day gives the visual of the words "fat cat" new meaning ever made it into the Marines tells me the Corps isn't as elite nor as selective as we are led to believe. Greg Ballard proved himself again and again to be a crook, to be corrupt, to be a pathological liar whose has zero leadership skills.

Zach Adamson, he of
"throw the taxpayer dollars" to Ponzi scam Angie's List and all-too-happy recipient of shady campaign slush lucre from digital sign companies is stellar at using events like this to bolster his Democrat career plans. How very sad the best Kyle "Hallowell" Walker could do to oppose Adamson is Sally Spiers... a guaranteed "R" loss every time she runs.

Greg Ballard is of no help on the "R" ticket this coming November... he has been in self-destruct mode from the day he was first elected AND cry-baby Ballard will cause many votes to be siphoned away from "R" candidates to the Democrats. I am sure the Democrat machine is jumping with joy. This is the outcome of the David Brooks/Tom John regime. Davey and Susie are free of the Obamacare tyranny we little people continue to suffer under and TJ has lined his pockets as has JHW.

Anonymous said...

Mark Miles as Governor?!?

Oh Lord, I am laughing my rear off... oh, wait, what if he is actually successful? I just stopped laughing and began to fear for our taxpayer Treasuries.

Flogger said...

One of your previous Blogs mentioned - "For the first time we learned at tonight's meeting that it was a memorandum of understanding Mayor Greg Ballard himself signed in August, 2013, which singled out Vision Fleet to be the exclusive, sole source provider of a fleet of 425 electric and hybrid cars."

We know Ballard would not have signed anything without instructions from the Shadow Government of Crony-Capitalists.

The sheer arrogance of the Shadow Government is astounding, thinking they could back date and change the the contract. Why not though?? If a law has been broken the Shadow Government and Ballard have nothing at all to fear from the "Justice System" in Marion County or from the Feds.

Anonymous said...

Ballard is too stupid to be a crook. He isn't bright enough to form intent. He's a tool, nothing more. An empty suit.

Anonymous said...

It is time for a Special Grand Jury to hear evidence of corruption and violation of State Law!

IC 36-4-8-13
Violations by city official; offense; liability
Sec. 13. A city official who recklessly:
(1) issues a bond, certificate, or warrant for the payment of
money in excess of an appropriation; or
(2) enters into an obligation prohibited by section 12 of this
commits a Class B misdemeanor
and is liable on his official bond to any person injured by his actions.

Hello, Mr. Mayor, the TaxPAYERS want you to pay for the illegal contract and all losses the City has suffered so far.

Gary R. Welsh said...

It won't be investigated as crime because of the powerful people involved. The ruling elites are allowed to break the law and steal from the public all they want in Indiana. Those laws only apply to the little people.