Monday, May 04, 2015

Greg Garrison Fingered As Assailant In "Pence Must Go" Sign Fight

Greg Garrison
A little over a couple of weeks ago, one of my neighbors in the downtown Lockerbie neighorhood where I live got into a fight with a man who stopped his vehicle on Vermont Street and pulled up one of the numerous "Pence Must Go" yard signs which appeared in our neighborhood full of bleeding heart liberals. One of my neighbors was sitting on his front porch and saw the gray-haired man uproot the sign and went out onto the street to confront him about his actions. A physical altercation ensued, the gray-haired man got into his vehicle and fled but not before my neighbor captured his license plate number.

It turns out the gold BMW sport SUV was registered to high profile attorney and WIBC radio talk show host Greg Garrison, who matched the description of the man who got into the physical altercation with my neighbor, according to a report in today's Indianapolis Star. According to The Star, Garrison is a lucky man because my neighbor, a financial advisor, has decided not to press charges against him. Garrison wouldn't respond to calls from The Star seeking comment on the altercation. Here's how The Star described the assault:
. . . The financial advisor, a Lockerbie resident, told the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department he was sitting on the porch of his gated, two-story townhouse when he noticed a copper, 2013 SUV parked on the street at 10:30 p.m. on Friday, April 18. The SUV didn‘t belong to any residents on the 500 block of east Vermont Street and did not have a resident parking pass in the window.
A gray-haired man and woman approached the SUV but before getting in the car, the apparent sexagenarian turned onto a flower bed of a home, uprooted a lawn sign and flung it, according to the police report.
The sign read “Pence Must Go.” Several have been posted in yards in the neighborhood since Pence signed the controversial RFRA bill, widely interpreted as being discriminatory against gays and lesbians.
The financial advisor, from his porch, shouted that the gray-haired man was “disrespecting his neighbor’s property,” according to the report. He claimed that the man yelled a profanity back at him before getting into the SUV. He told police he went into the street and stood in front of the SUV, to prevent it from leaving, while he called police on a cell phone.
A police report says the driver put the car in motion and tried to “nudge” the Lockerbie resident out of the way, knocking him onto the hood. The driver steered around the resident, who slapped the driver’s side window.
“Do you wanna go?” challenged the driver, an apparent invitation to fisticuffs.
According to the report, the alleged vandal got out of the car and “struck (the victim) in the mouth with a closed fist. After the punch he grabbed (his) shirt and ripped it.”
The resident got the suspect to the ground and “kicked the suspect in the face and he went back to the ground,” the report said. The woman intervened. “Hit me,” she yelled to the financial adviser, according to the police report.
The resident said he just wanted the license plate number. His adversaries quickly drove away. He wrote down the plate and called police.
The police traced the plate to a conservative local radio host and blogger who has appeared at events with Pence and Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard; a lawyer and former county prosecutor who sent Mike Tyson to prison for rape in 1992 . . . 
Although my neighbor didn't recognize Garrison, which surprises me, there's little doubt he was the man driving the car unless he loaned it to a twin brother. If I had done something like this, I would be facing criminal charges as well as a suspension of my law license. Garrison should consider himself a lucky man.

UPDATE AND CORRECTION: An earlier post misidentified, Doug Garrison, a former FBI agent who now serves as communications chief for the Indiana Department of Correction, as a twin brother of Greg Garrison. Robin Garrison Nichols contacted me to advise me of this error. Coincidentally, Doug has a twin brother according to Carol, but it is not Greg. Advance Indiana apologizes to Doug Garrison for the confusion. The source I earlier relied upon mistakenly believed Greg and Doug were twin brothers.


Anonymous said...

As far as I’m concerned its a hate crime. Garrison is well known for his disgust of homosexuals. One only need listen to his broadcasts that aired on the subject of gays in the military. He knows those signs were paid for and created by a gay activist who sells them for $10 apiece to recoup his money, but whose motive is a pure, free-speech political statement against Pence. Garrison ripping signs out of yards and physically assaulting people in the street is prima facie evidence of a man out of control, drunk on power, and a little sick in the head. His message of hate has been received, loud and clear. It wasn’t his first. It won’t be the last. Gays, friends of gays and haters of bigotry can boycott his Brown County bed and breakfast in Story if they want to make a legal, nonviolent statement of disgust for him and his puritanical views. Message to Terry Curry. Prosecute this. Do we want to encourage right wing bigots from Hamilton County to come to Indianapolis to assault Marion County residents with impunity. A crime has been committed.

Anonymous said...

I am an out gay person who is not a member of the left liberal Democrat religious cult when it comes to my LGBT community's hypocrisy on the RFRA issue.

From this Advance Indiana report, I do happen to believe it was the sanctimonious Greg Garrison who pulled the "Pence Must Go" sign from the yard and instigated this unnecessary situation. I do not like nor agree with the reasons for the political signs but I thoroughly detest what I must believe attorney and local radio loud mouth Greg Garrison has done.

Gary, you are correct that attorney Greg Garrison is lucky not to be facing a judge. If it were me who had been assaulted, I would press charges against attorney Greg Garrison who of all people should have known better. All Garrison has done is to lower himself to the posture and attitude of people like Anon 11:47 who personify the bigotry and hatred they pretend to find disgusting.

Anonymous said...

I would like to see the video surveillance of the incident released since the report indicates it exists.

Flogger said...

The Star must have expended it's budget for this month on Investigative Reporting. Typical Indianapolis Star find the glittering story that belongs on Jerry Springer.

Garrison is kind of a Law and Order type, how does this fit in?? You have to wonder if Indiana had stand your ground could we have escalated to gun play??? Maybe we do have stand your ground - I do not know.

Paul K. Ogden said...

Of course the prosecutor can always prosecute someone if he wants. The victim doesn't have to "press charges." Still it's unlikely the prosecutor would move forward without the support of the victim.

Melyssa Hubbard said...

I could be wrong but back when I was a dominatrix I knew the laws about assualt.

I used a lawyer to help me understand the law when I started my practice to make sure I was compliant with all laws.

I was told that the state is obligated to file charges anytime there is a non-consensual assault, whether or not the victim presses charges.

It's past time WIBC looked at replacing the Garrison show. It's tired. I notice that he repeats Limbaugh talk points. And that beating drum war bumper music? Really?

Anonymous said...

That idiot who stood in front of the car should have been flattened by Garrison. Never stand on the road, and never stand in front of a car.

If you do either of these things, you deserve whatever a car does to you.

Really, what sort of idiot would ever walk in front of a car?

Anonymous said...

How many drinks did Greg have at the Rathskeller before this happened?

Anonymous said...

It appears that Garrison isn't much of a fan of free speech and the rights of property owners. Garrison seems like someone with a fevered ego and inflated sense of entitlement. The man just has no respect for anyone outside of his bubble.

I wonder who the woman was with Garrison? A groupie? A woman paid to accompany a wannabe celeb by the hour? Was his date a cash and carry type of arrangement? The type paid to give lip service to a washed up politico well past his prime?

Anonymous said...

Melyssa Hubbard! Admit it! You are part of a campaign designed to help Angie's List takeover the state! You are also a traitor to the cause of liberty!

Paul K. Ogden said...

Melyssa, a prosecutor is never obligated to file charges. Prosecutors have absolute discretion over whether to file charges. Nobody can overrule his or her decision. That includes on assault cases. We say that a person "presses charges" but in reality it's the prosecutor who is the one who decides whether to file charges not private citizens. A prosecutor can pursue charges even when the victim doesn't want to do it and give the victim a subpoena to make him or her testify. In most cases (with the exception of domestic), however, if the victim isn't wanting to go forward, the prosecutor won't. That's where the concept of "pressing charges" by private citizens comes from.

Anonymous said...

I support removing the sign that was in violation of zoning rules. Was the sign also in violation of Lockerbie covenants?

Anonymous said...

Garrison's silence about all of this speaks volumes.

Melyssa Hubbard said...

Paul . . . thanks for clarifying.

Anonymous . . . lol.

Anonymous said...

Melyssa. You've got some splaing to do! Such as why are you backing Oesterle for Governor? Angie's List whom you work for has never made a profit. They have been accused of being less than honest about reporting customer reviews of businesses and of shaking down business. You have to know that this occurs their! You know Bill Oesterle, you are a ad sales executive at Angie's List. You must either be willfully ignorant of Oesterle and his dealings or something worse. You need to decide whose side you are on! Either you are a true libertarian or you continue to support your employer and their continued existence as a leech surviving on government handouts! What's it going to be?

Don said...

So, now Mr. Garrison believes violent action and destruction of private property is an acceptable form of protest. What a shining hypocrite. No surprises here.