Sunday, December 14, 2014

Drudge: Obama Blackmailing Boehner

There have long been rumors about House Speaker John Boehner having many skeletons in his closet, which have made him particularly vulnerable to blackmail. Matt Drudge is making no bones about calling out Boehner for capitulating to President Obama on every single demand he made with respect to the 2500-page continuing resolution narrowly approved by the House last week, which effectively disabled attempts by the new Republican majorities to curtail Obama's unchecked executive authority at least for the next year. "NSA dirt on Boehner must be incredible," Drudge tweeted late Friday. Extramarital affairs have been rumored in the past, as well as a penchant for being far too cozy with lobbyists, particularly on the golf course. As long as the Republicans continue to allow this corrupt, immoral man to occupy the Speakership, there is nothing to be gained from Republican majorities in Congress. They may as well hand the gavel back to Nancy Pelosi. The outcome will be no different.


Marycatherine Barton said...

Kudoes to both Drudge and you, Gary, for this telling of the awful truth, about Boehner and the harm he is causing the American people, and why he needs to be crushed.

Anonymous said...

To be a Republican is to be a sleazeball. There's a little variation on the Democratic side, but the Republicans are all corporate employees whose desks are located at the U.S. Capitol.

Who would you rather have as Speaker? Rokita? Messer?

Give me a break. All the Republicans want is for you to work for low wages, spend all of your money on consumables and be quickly obedient to the government.

Flogger said...

Surprise the Budget is all Obama's Fault. Obama had the dirt on Boeehner. It's all Obama's fault. At least this is new Myth from the Right. This does not explain why so many Republicans joined the Corporate Democrats in blessing the Budget.

The bottom line is Wall Street and the Big Contributors control Obama and most of Congress.

Elizabeth Warren and others have through their vocal opposition exposed the influence and near dictatorial of Corporate Interests.

Hillary Clinton has been mighty silent on about the budget as well as she should. Hillary like the Obama and most of Congress if they were NASCAR Drivers would have all their Corporate Sponsors on display. The Citizens would have a tiny microscopic patch readable only under an electron microscope.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:41 oversimplifies generalizations about Republican politicians and minimizes the same awful truth about Democrats. "R" or "D"... it is the same party. To conclude without substantiation the false meme sloppy-thinking Americans are lulled to hold that it is the Democrats who "care" about them more than the other party is just not true. Democrats tirelessly work to control and monitor everyday American lives more than Stalin, Hitler, and Pol Pot ever dared dream.

A cursory glance at history honestly told reveals that filth and dirty politics are every bit part and parcel standard operating procedure oozing from the pores of many Democrats whose party tenets involved the craving of power and control over others.

The howls of the PC bamboozled are sure to begin...

Gary R. Welsh said...

I don't disagree that the difference between the two parties is purely cosmetic and intended for the ill-informed public's consumption. My larger point is that if there were any legitimacy to the Republicans in the Congress about what they claim to support, they would have dumped Boehner a long time ago and installed leadership that actually advances the ideas the party claims to espouse.

Anonymous said...

Ron Paul was the living embodiment of the "ideas the party claims to espouse," and the Republicans declared war on him.

Republicans also heavily insulted the Ron Paul supporters.

The Republicans real ideas are their private ones. Their public ideas are a lie.

Anonymous said...

Gary, your larger point is right on. Completely.
-Anon 9:14

Anonymous said...

How I wish they would boot Boehner of that job! Can't say I don't think the same thing about McConnell!

If the Republicans want to move forward they have to ditch the past.