Sunday, December 21, 2014

New York Police Blame Mayor De Blasio For Execution-Style Killing Of Two Police Officers

A large number of New York City police officers gathered at a hospital in Brooklyn where two of their fellow officers had earlier been declared dead after a lone gunman shot them dead while sitting in their patrol car in an apparent retaliation for the recent police-action killings of Eric Gardner and Michael Brown turned their backs on New York Mayor Bill De Blasio and his entourage as he arrived at the hospital. Mayor De Blasio approached a group of cops at the Brooklyn hospital and attempted to reassure them by offering them , "We're all in this together."  "No, we're not," replied one of the officers. The Patrolmen's Benevolent Association President Patrick Lynch was equally as blunt. "There's blood on many hands tonight . . . That blood starts on the steps of City Hall, in the Office of Mayor."

The intense relations between police and the mayor, who is married to a black woman, escalated after he publicly criticized the actions of police later cleared in the death of Garner, who died while police were attempting to take him into a custody for a misdemeanor charge of selling loose cigarettes on the street. A video capturing his arrest showed one officer placing Garner in what appeared to be a choke hold as he repeatedly said, "I can't breathe." A grand jury decision not to charge any of the police officers involved in Garner's death, along with a similar result reached in the police action shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, has set off protests nationally, some of which have turned violent.

Yesterday afternoon at 3:00 p.m., a crazed lone gunman approached two New York police officers sitting in their marked cruiser in a Brooklyn neighborhood and opened fired on them, killing both of them. According to the New York Post, Officers Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos were working overtime as part of an anti-terrorism drill when they were shot in the head by Ismaaiyl Brinsley, a 28-year old Brooklyn man, who was suspected of shooting an ex-girlfriend at her residence in Baltimore early Saturday morning at 5:45 a.m. An Instagram account supposedly belonging to Brinsley had anti-police postings on it hours before the shooting. "I'm Putting Wings On Pigs Today," said one post. "They Take 1 Of Ours . . . Let's Take 2 Of Theirs." The post continued, "This May Be My Final Post."

Baltimore police sent an alert to New York police warning that Brinsley might be headed back to New York, but the warning came just five minutes before the two police officers were shot. Witnesses say Brinsley stood in shock for a few minutes after shooting the two police officer by firing through the passenger-side window. Witnesses saw him run into a subway as the sound of arriving police officers could be heard. Brinsley reportedly turned the gun on himself on a subway platform after being pursued by police, where he died. Brinsley had several past arrests according to the Post in Georgia where he formally lived, as well as a robbery charge in Ohio, which had later been dismissed.

See this amateur video taken above the chaotic scene of yesterday's shooting while emergency workers performed CPR on the two police officers before loading them into ambulances for transport to the hospital.


Anonymous said...

Left liberal extremist lunatic Democrats like De Blasio, Sharpton, Obama, Holder, et al., stir up hatred against our civil society and when caught in the crosshairs of their rhetoric of hate and division....backtrack and weasel.

De Blasio in particular has the blood of these officers on his hands. De Blasio, an avowed leftist/socialist, frequently criticizes police- many times with statements of little merit.

Words have meanings and power and when used cavalierly can damage. If I were one of the NYPD officers, I too would have turned my back on this mayor.

Pete Boggs said...

Statism is communism; an unquenched, perverted, tyrannic blood lust, for the theft of life, energy & property of others. The diabolic dialect of statism is one of PC'd hate speech.

Deblase' is a communist pig, deserving a special detail assigned to him, something like Team Groundhog; due to the perverse orthodox of his statist belief in mishandling the interests / sovereignty of others.

Now on the business end of his own evil philosophy, one of intrusive 24/7 politics; he's fighting the monster he & the new Hack Panthers have created; arrogantly surprised that his DNA affords him no immunity.

Anonymous said...

Funny, where is the reverend Al??? Where is Jesse Jackson??? Where is Obama??? Oh wait, he is golfing in Hawaii. "Hate the police" is all the above have been saying. Divide the country. Shame!

God bless our police. God help this country.

Anonymous said...

These two public servants were slaughtered in their car.

I ask where are the marchers supporting the police??? Are they going to shut down the Brooklyn bridge supporting the police???

Shame on the protestors who don't show their support to these two of New York's finest.

Anonymous said...

Can anyone recall a Mayor of Indianapolis who has lost 3 officers on his watch. Ballard needs to think long and hard about the legacy he has left behind. Yet Ballard proclaim that the police are a priority yet IMPD is between 250-350 short.

Anonymous said...

The cops need to learn that they are servants and DeBlasio is the boss. De Blasio should fire every cop that dissed him.

And why should the protesters take a break from protesting during the funerals? Do the cops take a break from killing people while someone they killed is having a funeral?

Anonymous said...

De Blasio lost the control of the NYPD and their respect. He is not capable of being Mayor. It would be fitting and proper for the NYPD to refuse to participate in his personal entourage, let DeBlasio hire gang members.

De Blasio he sided with the protesters, and affirmed lawlessness as he pandered to his leftist constituency. De Blasio has disgraced the office of the Mayor of New York City. He should resign.

De Blasio has “blood” on his hands, and it would be proper for the family of the deceased officers to name him in a law suit for his conduct.

Bill DeBlasio cannot run NYC! He is incompetent.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:25: It's a JOB you idiot, we're no "servant" to you. If you want a "servant," then get a JOB and hire one. Just because you read lefist revolutionary propaganda foisted off on you in a government description of a job to make you feel like your ass is supposed to be patted dry by the police.

And AS it's a job, when those who actually have the balls to perform that job are confronted with a "citizen" with a weapon that can cause great bodily harm or death, they're gonna get piped every time. And when they refuse to disarm themselves with that deadly weapon, they're going to be shot, to kill, because police will never be held to your TV standard of attempting to "shoot to maim".

You think a new day is coming? Doubt it little gentle kid. The police will NEVER give up their own lives for a job. It will NEVER be forced upon them to get killed just because you're looting & think it's your right to threaten police.

Get out of your mom's basement and take a bath occupier. Your days of thinking you can do whatever you want and have the laws changed to do it are never gonna happen.

Cops will NEVER give up their right to protect their own lives, not even for little leftists losers like you.

The People of Indianapolis will not allow it! -So go back to your Liberal stronghold. This is Indianapolis, Indiana and we don't put up with that violence against our protectors.

Anonymous said...

DeBlasio runs NYC, not the cops. The cops take orders. DeBlasio gives orders. If the cops are too stupid to know they're supposed to take orders from DeBlasio, the cops should resign and let NYC get officers that know their place.

If the cops aren't willing to obey every last order DeBlasio gives them, the cops should resign.

DeBlasio is in charge, not the cops.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:02 a/k/a a member of RCYB:

As Anon 12:15 pointed out to you already: De Blasio lost the control of the NYPD and their respect. He is not capable of being Mayor.

The mark of a LEADER is to ensure their subordinates get the training, equipment, and a clear picture of the mission and expectations from you. Then the leader must be free enough so that they can evaluate performance and needs to ensure the job is getting done. If there is a weak link, find it and either fix it or remove it so that those doing their job can effectively serve the public and go home safely.

As a leader, it is one's duty to act on emergency matters without hesitation, until the situation warrants a hand off. Advocating that radicals attack or demonstrate and put down your troops is a TOTAL FAILURE of LEADERSHIP.

The leader develops a team working together that is a greater force than the sum of its parts. Do you understand that a leader who fails the troops will have a mutiny?

DeBlasio is a failure. DeBlasio is incompetent. The police that he has failed have a moral duty to protect themselves, and likewise, their families. DeBlasio can give orders, but that doesn't mean they'll be obeyed after he's failed and taken up revolt against his own troops.

Does anyone really think he can advocate the public turning against the troops, killing the troops, and expect the troops to obey his orders?

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:02 just does not get it!

First: DeBlasio advocates the people taking to the streets (which they violently do), then 2 policemen are murdered by a crazy person motivated by the behavior advocated by DeBlasio...

Next: Anon 11:02 says if the police do not obey (and perhaps worship) DeBlasio, they should be fired. Well who will replace them, Anon 11:02? -I think not. Perhaps violent criminals or gang members could replace them and NYC can revert to "Might makes Right"? -Not going to happen

Replace the NYPD? Laugh, it takes over a year to train a single officer, and then it takes several years to get embedded into their community.

Anon 11:02 - Get out of your mother's basement, take a bath, and try to get a job and do something besides agitate. You're not going to get a Revolution.

Anonymous said...

I saw the rant of Anon 9:25 and then 11:02. They made me laugh. The small-minded ignorant person that talks of "servants obeying orders" and "firing the NYPD en masse" is obviously the dribble of a brain-washed radical, not an adult.

Fron the ranting I conclude this person does not regularly hold a job, and the only job that person has ever had would have been entry-level, minimum wage, of which he/she was undoubetly fired because they would not do what their supervisor told them to do. In entry-level jobs, attrition is expected and when a person does not do the job to standards, they are replaced by another easily.

That mindset is not true of most career fields, especially police. It takes about a year to apply, test, take psychological evaluation and be hired, then yet another year to train and get some experience. One does not just toss that level of employee aside as a entry-level worker who will not do as he/she is told.

To that poster, I suggest that you try to get a job and move out of your parent's house and learn a little bit about life, personal responsibility, and then maybe see what you can find out about leadership.

Anonymous said...

An airplane hauling a banner insulting New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has been spotted flying above New York City.

The banner Friday read: “De Blasio, our backs have turned to you.”

De Blasio is incompetent and unable to lead the City of NY. He should resign as a failure immediately.

"We are outraged by the mayor’s incendiary rhetoric, and for facilitating the current hostile climate towards the NYPD. We understand that the department and even our own unions can only go so far in their public condemnation of the mayor as to not irreparably damage the working relationship with the city, or future contract negotiations.

It is our opinion that Mayor de Blasio’s dangerous and irresponsible comments about his and his wife’s concern for their son’s safety at the hands of the NYPD fueled the flames that led to civil unrest, and potentially to the deaths of PO Wenjian Liu and PO Rafael Ramos, as well as the continued threats against NYPD personnel. The Mayor shows us no respect, and encourages the public to follow his lead.

Mayor de Blasio clearly doesn’t understand nor care that every man and woman of the NYPD would give their life to protect his son, his family, and every other resident of New York City. Tragically, two of our Finest made that ultimate sacrifice days before Christmas.

We no longer have confidence in Mayor de Blasio, nor in his ability to lead New York City and promote the values that both the NYPD and the good law abiding citizens of the city hold dear. Mayor de Blasio turned his back on us long before we turned our backs on him."

Anonymous said...

As I read these comments, I have to ask the posters at 9:25 & 11:02 if they have thought of something?

1. DeBlasio has failed in Leadership and, no, he cannot regain control of the NYPD or even the people (radicals included) of NYC.

2. DeBlasio can be replaced as Mayor in an instant, with someone else assuming control. The NYPD cannot be replaced and it would take years to try to do it. -So who needs to go?