Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Remote Detonator For IEDs Stolen From Camp Atterbury

An MPT-30 Firebox was reported stolen from Camp Atterbury. The device is used to detonate IEDs.
Military police at Camp Atterbury have reported a weekend break-in that resulted in the theft of a MPT-30 Firebox, a "sensitive item" that is used to remotely detonate roadside bombs. Thieves shattered a window of a building where the device was stored at the military installation to gain access to it and completely removed a door without being detected. The FBI has been notified of the theft. Looks like someone knew exactly what they were looking for and where they could find it.

UPDATE: The Star report, unlike other reports I read, says the device is merely a "training tool" and cannot actually be used to remotely detonate IEDs. "All the parts needed and pieces [needed] are not there to detonate anything." That report adds to the list of items stolen: four rolls of black Gorilla tape, a Kobalt tool bag, Kobalt tools, screw drivers, wire cutters, wire strippers, two 10x10 blue tarps, two ratchet tie down straps with a 5,000 lbs rating, several cans of Rustoleum black spray paint, and six power inverters.


Anonymous said...

Impossible. Jack Bauer recovered the device, and it's on its way back to CTU.

Perhaps Station Chief Steve Navarro stole it for the Chinese?

Anonymous said...

all ya need is a cellphone

Anonymous said...

Jack Bauer for President??????? COOL