Friday, August 30, 2013

MSNBC's Chris Matthews Claims Hitler Never Used Chemical Weapons

MSNBC's Chris Matthews really stuck his foot in his mouth this time. He's very anxious to see President Obama launch a military strike against Syria based on dubious claims that the government's soldiers and not the U.S.-backed rebels are responsible for a recent attack in which chemical weapons were allegedly used. Matthews incredibly claims that not even Hitler used chemical weapons. Presumably the Holocaust victims who were put to death by Hitler's Nazis in cyanide gas chambers during World War II don't count. The worst ever attack in military history was committed by the U.S. when it dropped two nuclear bombs on Japan during World War II, which were far more deadly than any chemical weapons ever used in warfare. And, of course, our government oversaw and assisted Sadam Hussein in his use of chemical weapons during Iraq's War with Iran during the 1980s. It's a pretty safe bet that any modern chemical weapons floating around the Middle East today were originally manufactured by the U.S. government. The use of modern chemical warfare began when the Germans disseminated chlorine gas in battle during World War I to poison enemy troops. Toxic chemical agents, however, have been crudely employed in warfare for thousands of years. The Newport Ammunition depot in Newport, Indiana, which was closed in 2010, is the facility where the Army produced its infamous VX nerve agent.


Flogger said...

I read this in The Guardian Newspaper ( : "Ever since two major US-led assaults destroyed the Iraqi city of Fallujah in 2004, Fallujans have witnessed dramatic increases in rates of cancers, birth defects and infant mortality in their city. Dr Chris Busby, the author and co-author of two studies on the Fallujah heath crisis, has called this "the highest rate of genetic damage in any population ever studied".

"In Basrah, the authors found even higher levels of lead exposure than in Fallujah. Basrah has the highest ever reported level of neural tube defects, and the numbers continue to climb."

I will also bring up our use of Agent Orange in Vietnam.

Chris Matthews and all the other Obama Defenders along with the NEO-CONs will not investigate the birth defects in Iraq, or Vietnam.

Gary R. Welsh said...

Good points, Flogger. Our own troops are often used as guinea pigs for experimentation by our military.

Marycatherine Barton said...

Mustard gas was used during WWI, and I have read that Hitler's voice quality was affected by that, and since 9/11, Washington has funded one thousand more bioweapon labs right here in the USA. It now appears that Jonas E. Alexis is correct, yesterday at the website:

"The Zionist Regime Will Seek to Destroy Syria and Iran."

I don't expect that Matthews will respond to the facts that Alexis there presents. His second part will be posted today.

Btw. I have read that since "operation Iraqi Freedom" began in 1993, the cancer rate in Iraq has shot up 5000%. since "Operation Iraqi Freedom" commenced in 1993.