Thursday, August 22, 2013

Liz Cheney Cited For Lying About Residence On Wyoming Fishing License Application

Liz Cheney, daughter of former Vice President Dick Cheney, posted a $220 bond after being cited by Wyoming Game and Fish officials for lying on a fishing license application about the length of her residence. Cheney had recently moved to her father's former home state to run in the Republican primary against Sen. Mike Enzi (R) in next year's Senate race. Cheney applied for a fishing license 72 days after she purchased a home in the state. The license application asks an in-state applicant, who pays a lower $24 fee compared to the $92 fee paid by nonresidents, to declare how long she has lived in the state. In-state applicants must reside in the state for at least one year before obtaining a license. Cheney blamed the clerk who issued her the license for the mistake. Cheney posted a $220 bond on the misdemeanor charge, which is punishable by a fine of up to $10,000 and imprisonment of up to one year. Cheney released the following statement according to the Jackson Hole Daily:
"On August 3, 2012, I spent the day on the Snake River with a group of wounded warriors and the Rivers of Recovery organization.  Rivers of Recovery provides therapy and treatment to wounded veterans through fly fishing.  I had arranged for Sean Hannity to film the group for a special he later ran on Fox News to draw attention to and help support the group and the warriors.   I didn't know whether I would fish that day, but wanted to have a license just in case.  When I went in to purchase a license, the clerk asked if I was a resident.  I said yes because I was living in Wyoming.  It was my mistake not to realize there was a 365-day requirement to hold a resident license. The clerk did not ask how long I had lived in Wyoming.  August 3, 2012 was, unfortunately, the only day I had the opportunity to fish in Wyoming last year.When I realized that I had not fulfilled the residency requirement, I met with officials from Game and Fish in Jackson and I paid the requisite fine on August 14.  I would like to praise the professionalism and dedication of the officers at the Department of Game and Fish."


Anonymous said...

Gary, I realize you are big on the residency requirements for voting, etc. but this really isn't news is it? Honest mistake doing something for others (even if that something for others benefits you in your political race).

Anonymous said...

Family of warlords. I don't know why the American people need to be subjected to another Cheney. Hopefully Wyoming voters will do us a favor, unless of course the system is sufficiently rigged in her favor.

Gary R. Welsh said...

I think it's news when these Washington insiders conveniently claim residency wherever it damn well pleases them to win office with their dirty money. Dick Cheney resided in Houston, Texas at the time Bush nominated him as his running mate, forgetting that the Constitution prohibits the President and VP candidates from residing in the same state. Cheney had even been registered to vote in Texas. Yet he was allowed to claim residency in Wyoming where he hadn't lived in decades ala Dick Lugar. The Cheneys' wealth came from the blood of dead American soldiers. People should never forget it. He made a fortune at Haliburton and then concocted an excuse for going to war in the Middle East to enrich the military industrial complex that made him and his family multi-millionaires. If you want another member of this war criminal family in office, have at it. I've had my fill of the the ilk of the Bushes and Cheneys, who have destroyed the Republican Party and brought nothing but Hitler's Nazi-style government to America.

Downtown Indy said...

"I didn't know!"
"The clerk made a mistake!"

But! The law is stated clearly on the license!

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