Thursday, August 29, 2013

Bisard Testimony Reveals "Shocking Pattern Of Corruption" In Bisard Investigation

It's becoming more apparent why the Ballard administration paid out more to the victims of the fatal alcohol crash involving IMPD Officer David Bisard than is legally permitted under the state's tort claims law to settle their cases. Mayor Ballard obviously wanted to keep the corruption that took place in the investigation out of the headlines. His paranoid former Public Safety Director Frank Straub was conducting espionage activities against everyone involved in the investigation, including the department's police chief and the lead prosecutor in the case. Fox 59 News' Russ McQuaid has the latest on Bisard's trial, which is starting to get underway in an Allen Co. courtroom. The judge in the case has ruled that at least one of the blood samples taken from Bisard will be admissible at trial, which showed that Bisard's alcohol level was more than two times the legal limit.
It was also revealed that IMPD Sergeant Dawn Higgins and former Public Safety Deputy Director Ellen Corcella secretly tape recorded two conversations with lead Prosecutor Denise Robinson talking about trial strategy and evidence.
“I can’t say that it was sabotage. I’m not going to say that. Certainly in more than 20 years of being a prosecutor, I’ve never heard of this happening and it’s never happened to me,” said Robinson.
Detective Kevin Wethington admitted Corcella, who was the number two in command under then-Public Safety Director Frank Straub, told him to go to IMPD’s internal affairs unit secretly one night to take the Bisard investigation files.
He said that Straub later told him to secretly download the emails of then-Police Chief Paul Ciesielski to find out what the chief knew about the Bisard investigation.
Bisard’s blood then that sat warm on a shelf in an IMPD property room for five months.


John Michael Vore said...

Nearly the same kind of pattern as seen in 1975: members of law enforcement taping each other, interfering with one another's investigations, bucking Internal Affairs and the Marion County Prosecutor...

Question: why was Frank Straub moving heaven and earth to protect Bisard? Was it just to save Bisard?

Anonymous said...

It is not a criminal offense for an attorney to surreptitiously tape record a conference in Indiana if
the attorney obtains consent.

However, the Indiana State Bar Assoc has a 1975 and 2000 year advisory opinion that it is unethical to do so.

I know this because an attorney
was accused of doing this in a divorce case by my client's wife.
Man that attorney slammed the phone down when I asked the attorney about the alleged occurence yesterday.

Someone should sink Corcella's

Marycatherine Barton said...

I early concluded that the parents of the deceased victim were prepared to stand strong no matter what obstacles were thrown in their way, empowered with the determination to gain justice for him. This whole charade has been so shocking, and I really admire their strength.

Anonymous said...

I don't believe the statute of limitations has run out on Frank Straub.....perhaps a grand jury may see a crime such as Official Misconduct, Conspiracy to Obstruct Justice, or another after the evidence is presented....

This corruption appears from the report to be directed by Frank Straub. It appears to be comprehensive:

Eavesdropping, secret break-in, accessing communications of high level police secretly, tampering with court-ordered sealed evidence....